Audio Technica AT-XP7 DJ Cartridge | CTC Recommends

We’ve been buying too many records for a while, and too many of them have suffered from bad cartridges. So when we were told Audio Technica had just released a new pair, specifically fo DJs, it was only right that we give them a try.

Since getting them a few weeks ago, our residents haven’t stopped using them. So much so that we’re now spending the little cash we have left (after over-indulging during the festive period) on more records…

With cartridges like those, and the good work Audio Technica are doing with their Analogue Foundation community, we can now sleep at night knowing that there is a bright future for analogue. Everyone from Donna Leake to Jane Fitz, Adam Shelton to Optimo, Felix Dickinson and everyone at Rush Hour is a fan, and now we are too.

Check out Analogue Foundation and Audio Technica on Instagram for a look into the events they’ve been doing around Europe. Maybe we’ll see you at one of them!

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