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Anja Schneider | CTC Talks - Chase The Compass

Anja Schneider | CTC Talks

We’re approaching the end of 2018, and it’s been a year of change foryou. Take us through some of the pivotal moments.

2018 was such a productive year for me, where I spent a lot of time in the studio. I made two new EP’s for my label Sous Music, as well as a remix. Another two tracks for This & That, Muna Musik and a remix for Sophie Hunger! So it’s been varied, and really enjoyable working on all these projects. I have already worked on the next EP for Sous too, which will be out at the beginning of 2019, to kick off the New Year. Of course, I have been lucky enough to play some amazing shows, visited the most fantastic cities and countries, whilst meeting wonderful people, both familiar faces and new along the way.

Your new label Sous is making noise, and rightly so! After your excellent Run The City EP, you have Billy Turner’s ‘Approaching Land’ out early next month. Tell us a bit about the release. 

I am really excited to have Billy Turner back on the label. He actually made his debut with a remix on my LP earlier this year. I’ve had my eye on him for a long time and I am so happy he is now part of the Sous family. I love his dark powerful soul-ish techno. I believe he really is one of the most talented young artists in London right now, so keep an eye on what’s to come for him in 2019.

Why start a new label after the huge success of Mobilee? Did you feel the need for a new challenge?

Yes,I did need a new challenge…and this was it. I really felt the need to create something new, much smaller and not such a big globally known brand. I wanted to have a home for my music which allowed me to really go all out creatively speaking and take some risks perhaps I could not do with Mobilee. I have come back to my creative roots now with Sous, which I felt I was missing a bit. I wanted to start from scratch and be more focused on my output, rather than how to run a business and brand. Change is always good, and although this was scary, it felt right, and I am so happy with how everything has gone since the launch.

Your new studio is just finished, describe to us what it looks and feels like?

With the closing of the Mobilee chapter, I rented a huge studio place in Berlin where we have multiple production studios as well as a mixing and mastering studio where I work with Blackhead Studios. We offer a full service with some workshops too. It’s interesting to see what kind of output we have. So, if you are a young producer out there and need a final touch or a helping hand, feel free to write to us!

You’ve always been a big radio voice, pushing new sounds to your listeners across the globe. In a world seemingly taken over by streaming platforms and short attention span, do you feel radio still is an important medium?

I will say that it has changed a lot on the last 15 years, but I grew up with the radio and I still listen to it every day. It was something that was part of life for me. I think it’s still relevant yes. Streaming is needed of course, but a radio is someone showing appreciation for a track you have made, and also push it out to a wider and more varied audience. Everyone still wants their track played by some radio hosts, and therefore I think its always going to have a place. Of course I am so happy to be able to host my own show Club Room on one of Germanys best independent radio stations – Radio Eins. I am on every Friday from 23.00. Tune in if you haven’t already!

We’re super excited to see you at Steelyard in London on the 23rd November? How long has it been since last time you were in our hometown and what’s special about it?

I love London very much and have a brunch of friends there. I love the vibe and clash of cultures all in one place, it has a very special feeling that you do not have in any other city. Music wise, it’s one of the educated cities when it comes to parties, with such a long club history. Music is very important in London and you can feel it all over the city. You can’t joke with the crowd there, it can be tough but honest, with a lot of raw passion. I feel they’re open to taking risks and that’s what I love.

We hear you’ve taken up running regularly. Was fitness something missing in your life before? How do you feel since you’ve taken it up?

Exhausted and happy! Ha ha. It’s all about getting over your inner temptations, and daily irritations. I find running is something which now helps me get over my demons, and it’s a nice way to do it – especially when the sun is shining, its free, you can do it anywhere and it helps to bring balance to the mind and body.

What’s coming in 2019?

Ohhh well maybe my first marathon! But music wise, I will have my next EP which will be releasing at the start of 2019, and hopefully my first little label party with more to follow around my normal touring schedule. The label is my music baby and will no doubt give me some exciting new challenges for the next 12 months! I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

Anja’s latest release ‘Run The City’ is available here now

Tickets for Anja’s gig at Steelyard.

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