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Night Mayors at ADE | CTC Recommends - Chase The Compass

Night Mayors at ADE | CTC Recommends

It’s that time of year again when all corners of the music industry from all around the globe descends onto Amsterdam for five days of networking, panels and of course, party! With this in mind, here’s one we definitely won’t miss on the Saturday: The Night Mayors.

Fun loving Welsh duo Trutopia have made a fair bit of noise in London, Sydney and Ibiza with their regular live-streamed house parties, and we expect this one to go the extra mile, with their biggest lineup to date. We caught up with the duo for a little taster of what to expect.

Describe The Night Mayors in one sentence

Straight up vibes!

Why and how did it start?

It started as a launch pad for our DJ career, we weren’tĀ getting any bookings, so we booked our selfs šŸ™‚

So you are comfortable with inviting music & party people to your house on a regular basis. How does the cleaning go?

More than comfortable with having like-mindedĀ music lovers to our house every other month. Our homegrown take on a party fit for any club has seemed to grow extremely fast & from that, so does the cleaning the next day!

The Night Mayors keeps getting bigger. In an era where everyone streams, what do you think makes you stand out?

Your right, streaming has become a really relevant way to get attention from our online audience & its been really important to us to be consistent with it. I’m not sure what makes us stand out, but one thing we can say, we love throwing the parties and we think it shows. To leave a lasting impression is very important to us, online or offline whether it be from Ministry Of Sound saying “The Biggest House Party In The Capital” or fellow party people that have attended the event & come back each & every time for more!

You are taking the party out of your living room and to ADE. You have already done streams from other amazing places like Sydney and Ibiza. How did this come about?

An event at ADE just seems so fitting for our party! Attendees have actually labelled it as a “Mini ADE” where industry folk such as producers, DJs, writers, promoters,Ā bloggers, singers/songwriters, can all expect to bump into someone they end up working with on future projects. Taking the party to different countriesĀ makes senseĀ to us to capitalise on global talent whilst we are on tour, exposing & unearthing some upcoming & established talent from that area, whether it be Ibiza, Sydney, Amsterdam & who knows where next!

So, the party, where, when, how, why!

Amsterdam -Huis van Iemand Anders

20th Oct – 6pm – 3am

Because we make sh*t happen, and its free. So would be rude not to!

All for the love of house music.

Full details and RSVP here

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