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CTC Guest Mix | Oscar De Lima - Chase The Compass

CTC Guest Mix | Oscar De Lima

We’ve been keeping our eyes on Refuge Recordings like hawks. This label coming out of Sydney has received quite the support from some of House music’s best people over the last few years. So it was about time for us to get label boss Oscar De Lima in for a chat and a mix to showcase how it’s evolved and it’s no longer just about Sydney, but spreading the wing further afield in Australia and the rest of the world…

When did you start Refuge & why?

Refuge started 4 years ago. We started Refuge for local artists to have a home to release music they love. We found with our broad network across Europe, we could connect our local producers with international labels, promoters and blogs. It started as monthly parties that evolved into a record label, nurturing a few young djs into producers and providing our label as the way to connect them to the wider community.

What’s been your favourite release on the label so far?

For me, my favourite release would have to be the upcoming vinyl release by Sondrio and Ant LaRock. All 4 jams have been in my sets for some time and are perfect fit for both club and listening.

Do you have any favourite Refuge event/s?

Yes, our event with Chase and DJMAG. We had Young Franco, Set Mo and Luke Million alongside our local residents, It was a proper rooftop boogie with absolute top acts across both floors.

Who are your hot tips for upcoming Australian talent?

I would say, try your best to make music you are going to play in your sets. Too many times I find artists making records that they can’t play in their our gigs. It makes for a big disconnect for who they are creatively and what they do in performances. We find that we follow artists for their music and want to hear them play it. They best way to build fans is to play the music you make, it’ll soon blend the both worlds and round out the performance.

For anyone visiting Australia, what are your venue suggestions?

Ahhh my fave places would be Chinese Laundry, Good Bar, Flinders Hotel are hosting weekly events which have been banging as of late. You can also look into Civic Hotel, Tokyo Sing Song and Club 77 for one off events.

Talk us through the mix you’ve done for us…

The mix is a blend of records that I have bought over the last 6 months. I have a pretty strong connection to the old school but wanted to mix it up with a new school feel. I love playing old records in the new scene because music has taken a full circle into what was popular in the 90s and getting solid plays in the club. Anyways, its mainly records I love playing and listening to and hopefully people will like it.

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