Osolot ‘Manipulator’ | CTC Premiere

Not bad for your debut release to go straight to Skream’s ‘Of Unsound Mind’ imprint. That’s what happened to Osolot, new London based producer who’s about to make serious waves in the Techno world. We’re getting on this early, and you should too. The full EP is out later this week. But we’ve got the lead track right here, right now. Press play!

Tell us about your musical background

I’d love to tell you I’m grade 8 on the piano, flute and glockenspiel whilst having been exposed to psychedelic rock through my parents but alas, this isn’t true. My first affinity┬áto dance music was through house and garage in my teens, then a natural progression into techno so I guess this is where I am at now.

What are you trying to express in this record and how did it come about?

For a while I’d been thinking about what ‘club music’ meant to me, and I always seemed to revert back to techno. That’s not to say I don’t love all music, just techno resonates with me more than the others.
Over the course of the EP, it probably reflects how I felt in my life at the time. It was all quite a transitional period, and writing techno was a change for me also. Whilst most of it is club ready, I’ve always tried to convey some emotion in my music, so I hope that comes through.

What can we expect from you in 2018

I’ve basically set myself one rule, and that’s to only release on labels I love. I can’t thank Skream enough for backing my debut EP, but I’m not going to fall into the whole process of releasing sub-standard content just to stay relevant. I want to look back in however many years with as few regrets as possible. My main goal would be to start playing out as soon as possible though!

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