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Ella Hagi & Nadia Ksaiba | Five For The Floor - Chase The Compass

Ella Hagi & Nadia Ksaiba | Five For The Floor

These days in London it goes without saying that a brand new party is something to be riotously celebrated. Venues close, there’s fewer nights on, less variety of genres: these factors are a constant danger to the vitality of London’s nightlife. Fortunately, visionary dancefloor physicians Ella Hagi & Nadia Ksaiba are here to give us all a shot in the arm of pure good times: by bringing the inimitable Chrissy to the first edition of ‘The Workout’, this Friday 25th.

London clubbers with their ear to the ground should easily recognise Nadia’s credentials – she hosts the monthly Rhythm Connection show on NTS, and is a veteran of mainstays like Dalston Superstore, XOYO, Ministry of Sound, and Dance Tunnel (RIP). Ella on the other hand has a shorter history of spinning records – but make no mistake, years spent running PR and social media for some of your favourite venues means she’s got the groove of east London pulsing strongly in her veins.

The two are self-professed fans of intimate, sweaty basement venues, and it looks like they’ve found the perfect one in recently opened Emily’s Bar, on Stoke Newington Road: promising “mirrored walls, lil laser and smoke machine [that] will make ya dance until you drop” that “takes you back to whatever city centre basement you first popped your funk to”, this promises to be a really standout gig in a bank holiday packed with big names. Advance tickets are just £7, doors at 10; and Ella & Nadia, residents of The Workout, and planning to keep it grooving until very late.

In case you somehow needed any more convincing – we thought it would be a good idea to grab Five for The Floor from the two, a teaser if you will of the hip shaking, heartbeat raising numbers that will be dropping this weekend. Jump into the record bag of Ella Hagi & Nadia Ksaiba…

Orange Tree Edits — Dorian (Jimmy Rouge Edit)

“When acid met (Japanese) disco… I’m a big fan of anything from the label anyway, but there’s something about this groover specifically — probably the melting together of my two favourite genres? Also, it just feels really fun and I like things that feel fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s energetic! It makes me wanna dance! It’s been on repeat for me since its release in January and I can’t see it going anywhere, at least until the days get short again (at which point it’ll be even more necessary if you think about it, so who knows).

– Ella

Inner City — Make It Last Forever


“Although repetitive and over 12 minutes long, it never gets boring. It’s been sampled to death but I’d never actually heard the original until I heard Hifi Sean play one of the many versions. He filled me in on the entire history of the track as he has one of the most encyclopaedic knowledge of all things funky and disco. Apparently it’s the last track they played at the Paradise Garage.”

– Nadia

JAY — Balsam Drum


“A recent release on Midland’s new imprint — a bit darker than most of the stuff we’ve included here but easily one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. I don’t really get to play it out myself ’cause my immensely long DJ career has very much put me in the disco/house shelf (LOL); but it’s precisely the kinda track I’d wanna hear at a party like Chapter 10. Kinda fitting — I’m pretty sure that’s where I first met Jay who, in addition to being an ace DJ/producer, is also one of the nicest, coolest people in music. Can’t wait to hear what else she’s got up her sleeve.”

– Ella

The Pump Girls — Get On It (Pump Boys Edit)

“This is one from West Friend, an imprint run by our good pals FYI Chris and Tom Unlikely from Rye Wax. Everything on the label is mint — this specific one is an edit of an old freestyle track with Chris Coupe from FYI. I think it was the one and only Andy Blake that introduced me to it first? Anyway, we have a lot of love for FYI Chris and I think with their next EP, they’ll really blow up.”

– Nadia

Chrissy — Let’s Go Dancing

“This is the musical equivalent of the friendliest person at a rave, and popping this on makes a basement at night feel like a rooftop on a sunny day. Obviously Chrissy’s insane knowledge of music and club histories, and the way he uses it to work a dance floor, played a huge part in wanting him down for our first night – but his ability to create an atmosphere that’s friendly, welcoming and fun in just one track is very high up there too.”

– Ella & Nadia

Huge thanks to Ella and Nadia for putting this together for us! Don’t forget to grab your tickets for The Workout with Chrissy here.

See you on the dancefloor.


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