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JKriv – Doto | CTC Premiere

Yes it’s that time of year again when our human brains start to remember that summer exists. What better way to commemorate this shift than to listen to some glorious disco goodness? Well, Razor-N-Tape read our minds because the Brooklyn boys are dropping Férias ’77, an 8 track album of Brazilian reworks by the label boss JKriv himself. To premiere for you today we’ve locked down Dotō, one of the favorites off of the marathon release, which drops in record stores worldwide on April 21st in celebration of Record Store Day.

Dotō is as understated as gets. It starts off rather inconspicuously with a looped sample of plucked guitar and a clean bass-hit; the track ambling along with an unhurried gait. As the repeating vocals jump in an out of focus, JKriv’s rework builds some momentum with a haunting synth and some percussive elements, only to pull the rug out once the song reaches it’s halfway point.

At the moment we think we’ve got the song pegged, breathtaking Portuguese vocals swing in and fill a void we didn’t even know we had. The bass blooms in much the same way, leading to a six minute song that tells two beautiful stories in incredible fashion. Caraca!!

Pre-order “Férias ’77” from Razor-N-Tape on Juno here.

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