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Bobby Pleasure | Five for the Floor - Chase The Compass

Bobby Pleasure | Five for the Floor

The success of last month’s Needs x UN Women event, both on this blog and around the web, has been pretty well documented. Behind the stellar lineups and star-studded panels, of course, was a huge amount of industry expertise and organisation; and the man behind a large proportion of that was Needs Not For Profit founder, Bobby Pleasure.

Mostly keeping out of the spotlight, whilst dashing around the room organising technical aspects and ushering through artists, Bobby’s excitable figure left an almost tangible sense of joy in his wake – the impression of a man just thrilled to be amongst such respected trendsetters and worthy conversations. He was ‘mostly’ out of the spotlight because of course, when the music began in the later part of the evening Bobby stepped up to warm up the crowd himself – and showed that he’s clearly got the music taste and chops to roll with the big dogs he shared the stage with.

Bobby Pleasure brings this passion and excellent taste to his label Needs, which is preparing for its third release next week. Featuring music from Lord Of The Isles, Mehmet Aslan, Petwo Evans, Bartellow and Nick Gynn – an international collection of very different artists who have all kindly agreed to donate their tracks –  the release is once again in aid of an eminently worthy cause: all profits from the release will be donated to the Help Refugees charity, to make a contribution to ending the refugee crisis.

According to Needs, the label exists to use music as a medium to spread love, unity, and the idea of giving back. With these projects in mind, it’s easy to agree. Here at CTC we’re super happy to support this release – and in order to do so we thought we’d give Bobby Pleasure another chance to show off some of the records he’s digging currently.

So once you’ve made sure to pre-order NEEDS003, out 16th April – hit play on this fantastic Five for the Floor from Bobby Pleasure.

Pino Presti ‘You Know The Way’


“Lets kick things off with a bit of disco eh? This is a rare & expensive disco record that’s been reissued on Best Record so now everybody can have a slice. Pitch it up, pitch it down. Do whatever feels right, but whatever you do – drop it like it’s hot.”

Arthur Russell ‘In The Light Of A Miracle (Ponytail Club Mix)’


“So I recently found out one of my favourite ever tracks has an amazing remix which I didn’t even know existed. Listening to this and closing my eyes I can literally feel the summer sun on my wintered skin. Now I just need to find a copy…”

Peggy Gou ‘Han Jan’


“Peggy absolutely nailed it with this record on Ninja. Timeless in every sense of the word. My jam is the Han Jan….pure intergalactic electro booty funk. Work it.”

Peach ‘Silky’


“Midland keeps launching new labels and they just keep delivering the goodies. My pick from the inaugural release on Intergraded goes to Peach. Pacey & racey with a bassline that drags you onto the dancefloor by your ear.”

Bobby Pleasure ‘Cloudspotting’


“This is the first (and currently only) solo track I have ever put out and it was on the first release of my label Needs. Nothin but love x”

Huge thanks to Bobby Pleasure for putting this together. Don’t forget Needs003, in aid of Help Refugees, is out next week. You can pre-order here!


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