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In the age of the democratisation of electronic music, there’s very little to surprise us anymore. Producers are a pound a penny, singers and musicians are spilling out of every education establishment in the country; and then there’s DJ Archie, here to provide crushing proof that you just didn’t start practising early enough.

Having said all that – sometimes, a hard worker rises above the muck to the limelight. Sometimes, relying only on solid productions, an ear for getting the party started, and reportedly being an all round nice bloke – a young man can ascend to the stages of EDC, the booth at Fabric, and the prime time slot of Annie Mac’s Friday night.

Melé is such a man. Having started on the decks early at home on the Wirral, ten years later he’s blowing up crowds worldwide with his signature brand of dancefloor ready, tribal and latin flavoured house. 2015’s ‘Ambience’ put him on the radar of the likes of Eats Everything, Patrick Topping, and Disclosure to name just a few heavy hitters – who were quickly dropping it at nights and festivals Melé would soon be sharing the bills of.

Showing no signs of slowing down into 2018, Melé is putting out his ‘Tribal Trax’ EP on DJ Haus’ ‘Unknown’ label. Featuring three high energy originals plus excellent remixes by DJ Boring and Bontan, this EP shows a producer moving from strength to strength; and is definitely a flavour you’ll hear blasting from the speakers at some of the more sunsoaked festivals this summer.

Although nailing down a man so busy wasn’t easy, Melé took some time out from gigging in Mexico to select five of his current favourite records for our Five for the Floor. And being the humble fella he is – he didn’t even pick one of his own.

Change Ft Luther Vandross ‘The Glow Of Love’


“So I’ve recently become obsessed with this record. I’m quite ashamed that I had never heard it before until a few weeks ago, but I love the record ‘All For You’ by Janet Jackson which samples this. I’ve been listening to it on loop a lot, Luther Vandross’ vocal is absolutely unbelievable. amazing.”

Martinez Brothers & Louie Vega ‘Shut The Door’

“I’m a massive fan of all three of these guys, they’ve made some of my favourite dance tracks ever so I’m very happy they’ve come together to make this absolute beast. I love that its 132 BPM, so much energy and the vocals are absolutely mental. BANGER!”

Emanuel Satie ‘One Love’

“Been playing this so much recently, it came out on Matthias Tanzman’s Moon Harbour label which I love. Very tribal, but with a crazy kind of arpeggio running through it, which is switching its time signatures constantly. My favourite record to play out at the moment.”

Jad & The ‘Overpriced Kaiser Chips’

“One of the most mental tunes I’ve heard for a long time (which I love), on one of my favourite labels Toy Tonics. I played this around 5am in Fabric which felt like the right place and time to do it. Not that aware of Jad & The, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for his music after this for sure!”

Jansons ‘Mode (Richy Ahmed Remix)’


“Big remix from Richy Ahmed on his Four Thirty Two label. I really like Richy’s style, and this is probably my favourite track from him. I’ve got something for arpeggios and sequenced synth sounds at the moment. The whole EP is great too, I love the track ‘Sequential’ by Jansons.”

Huge thanks to Melé for taking the time to put this together for us.

The ‘Tribal Trax EP’ is out today! You can grab it here.


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