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CTC Staff Room | Feb 2018 - Chase The Compass

CTC Staff Room | Feb 2018

Ah, February. It’s far away from the hedonistic warm glow of Christmas and New Year; far away from the long evenings and warm beers of summer. The only tame excuse for celebration comes in the form of a hallmark holiday that alienates the singletons amongst us, and encourages the rest of us spend money that we should really be putting down on festival deposits.

And then, of course, the Acme Corporation of Russia (I guess that would be кульминация корпорация) sets up its giant fans and sends freezing Siberian blizzards across Europe in an attempt to stop all the transport and turn us all into Instagram-obsessed twits.

So if there was ever a month we needed a healthy dose of seriously toasty new music, February would be it. Fortunately, the CTC staff have been keeping a snow-covered ear close to the ground to make sure you don’t miss any of the hottest releases of the last few weeks – and here they are in the Staff Room:

 Illyus & Barrientos ‘So Serious’

“They’ve long been a CTC favourite and part of the family so I may be biased, but their latest track ‘So Serious’ out on Toolroom records really is a special one. I’m not the only one that thinks so either – they’ve just recently topped the Radio 1 Dance charts. Catchy vocals and a barnstorming horn, what more could you ask for? Yeah the boys!!”

– Jamie Ferguson

Natasha Kitty Kat ‘Windy City’


“Not only an accurate description of London right now – this is a a seriously groovy number from the Edinburgh based producer. Jazzy, soulful, the hook is a total earworm and the soaring strings are so evocative you can almost see the glitterball turning before your eyes. Coming out on Midnight Riot, this one’s been getting a lot of love from the Glitterbox crew and I’m expecting to hear it everywhere in the next couple months. At least everywhere I’m playing!”

– Uph Rowland

Adesse Versions ‘Fade Out’


“An absolutely classic mellow disco cut from a producer who probably needs no introduction. Manchester’s Kevin Gorman has been putting out bangers in different genres under various aliases for years – and since 2012, under Adesse Versions, has been bringing the heat to labels like Toy Tonics, Crosstown Rebels, and Heist. This one, taken from the Pulp Fusion EP on Delusions of Grandeur, sends the percussion all the way to the front, with low basslines and groovy guitar licks that just effortlessly drip with swagger. The other two tracks on the EP are higher energy but equally excellent”

– Uph Rowland

Body Heat Gang Band ‘Grand Masterchef’


“This tune has been out on streaming platforms for a few months, but it’s just landed as part of Body Heat Gang Band’s debut album “Body Heat Disco” a week ago. It’s full of bangers. This mad Italian crew from Milan has been doing amazing shows around the country and beyond. Think of a Disco DJ set with live bass guitar and two saxophones, it’s a killer combo and it makes it pretty hard not to get down. This song is amazing, but the whole album is excellent. Don’t sleep on it!”

– Frank McWeeny

PBR Streetgang ‘Special FLX’


“The PBR bros finally released their debut album last month, and it didn’t disappoint. Their decade of experience as a house and disco duo lent the album to meander between after-party slowjams like the opener ‘Human Being’ and the finger-snapping foot-tapper lead single Late Night Party Line, recently featured on Elton John’s Beats 1 Apple Music show. Another standout is Special FLX, more of a subtle stripped-back groover than a lead single, but one that evolves and warps throughout, highlighting the boys’ skills as talented songwriters as much as classic house and techno experts. Love it.”

– Declan McGlynn

Let us know if we missed any essentials in the comments!

BTW you can catch Natasha Kitty Katt in Liverpool tomorrow night! Illyus & Barrientos are at Mission, Leeds next Friday, and PBR Streetgang are coming to The Old Queens Head in Islington on the same night. See you there!


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