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Jey Kurmis | Five for the Floor - Chase The Compass

Jey Kurmis | Five for the Floor

Jey Kurmis out of Leeds has been steadily putting in the work and climbing the ranks in the UK house scene for over ten years now. After early releases on Phobic Records and Wow! Records, he eventually caught the eye of the Hot Creations camp, leading to a string of releases.

The latest is the ‘Jessycat’ EP, three strong tech house rollers destined to get dance floors moving. Dark and heavy, this is an EP packed with muscle.

For those of you that love basslines that raise welts, read on: we asked Jey to pick us Five for the Floor. Here are the weapons from the record bag of Jey Kurmis:

Jey Kurmis ‘Jessycat’

This is the first track from my latest EP on Hot Creations, inspired by my girlfriend Jessica. The vocal landed perfectly, as it has a connection between myself and Jess. The track gelled together whilst mid-production; I was creating snare rolls and using different VST FX on the vox stems, to make a big impact on the drops. Seeing videos of Jamie Jones, Martinez Brothers, Nicole Moudaber, and others supporting the track really brought it to life for me, and confirmed in my head that I was content with the track.

Jey Kurmis ‘Vanstone’

After waiting almost 2 years to put it out, this is the third track from the latest Hot Creations EP. This was named after my good friend Charlotte Vanstone. I feel it deserves 2nd place, as it’s still a track I play that gets such a huge reaction on the dancefloor. The electronic square saw stab used from Trilian really twists up the track, whilst the slight vox sample brings you almost back down to reality. Again, the vast amount of support from artists and fans around the globe has inspired me to create more tracks like this.

Mark Jenkyns, Andre Salmon ‘Where We Live’

Individually these two artists are just awesome. I have such huge respect for Mark Jenkyns, and the tracks he makes are just incredible. Always designed full, and with packed with hardware sounds he creates in his studio. Andre Salmon has crept up on me recently, releasing track after track, but with excellent consistency. So it wasn’t difficult for me to select this one, with these 2 producers putting their heads together to create such a terrific track. I fully support everything these two have to offer, whether it’s as a duo or solo.


Kreature ‘Wacomin’

Kreature is a firm favourite of mine. I have supported numerous tracks of his, since his releases on Twisted Fusion & WOW records, and now comes this track ‘Wacomin’ on Underground. I love playing this, and the dance floor loves hearing it. After the track was released I could see the feedback and support grow. Watching it rise up the Beatport charts, and its numerous plays on radio one – I think its safe to say the track speaks for itself!


Davina Moss ‘All About Music’

I’m loving Davina’s productions at the moment, and for me this track stood out from the rest. The vocal building and then the tough beats slamming in, well, what’s not to like. This is another track I have been supporting out, and the energy and vibes that fling around the room is phenomenal. I’m not sure if it is saying “Now i’m a, House!” but that is certainly what I’m mouthing as the beat is churning on with the wobbly bass.


You can grab the Jessycat EP here. It’s out now!

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