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Books | Premiere & Five For The Floor - Chase The Compass

Books | Premiere & Five For The Floor

Winter: not most Londoners’ favourite season. But look behind the rain, short days, packed commutes, empty bank accounts, and social plans bled ‘dry’ by health kick mates – and you find London’s musicians and producers hard at work, putting in the studio hours to make the tantalisingly out-of-reach summer something to seriously look forward to. One such talent is north London based Books.

Blending his love of Soul and Hip-Hop with the infectious sounds picked up during his time in Berlin of Disco, House, and Techno; his slinky productions have been catching the attention of megastars The Black Madonna and Seven Davis Jr. To kick off 2018 in style, Books has cooked up something very special in the form of his forthcoming ‘Sour Grapes’ EP, out early next month on Omena Records. Featuring three originals and an absolutely sun-soaked remix courtesy of none other than Lawrence Guy, this is one we’re absolutely loving.

Every track on the record is stunning, but we had to grab the closer, ‘The Spice Must Flow’, to share with you all now. Close the curtains, crank the heating, turn this one up loud – and be transported to a beach somewhere. We’re all in this together.

Not content with just creating the tunes, Books has been out serving them up at parties like In Lieu and Disco Sucks  in London over the last few months. With such an obviously fantastic taste for the grooviest licks guaranteed to get hips shaking, we couldn’t resist asking Books to dive into his record bag and show us how he’s been carving up dance floors across London. Here are his ‘Five For The Floor’ picks:

Dan Kye ‘Change’

This one always stays in the bag. I used it religiously to get people warmed up when it came out. Super groove in the buildup and then the way the vocal comes in, followed by that beautiful chord, will never not get to me.


Alicia Myers ‘I Want to Thank You’ (Earl Jeffers remix)

The original has a special place in my heart; Joy O included it in his seminal BSRkR01mix about 8 or 9 years ago and I fell in love with it straight away. In this version Earl Jeffers does what he does best, and transforms it into blissful dance floor mayhem. I challenge you to find a more bangin’ kick drum!

Chez Damier ‘Your Love’ (Kai Alcé Unreleased Remix)

A good friend got me this vinyl for my birthday a couple of years ago and what a great present it was! I could have picked any of the tracks on there, but this is a stunning version of a Chez Damier classic… keys solo!


Leo Pol ‘Chantal’

I love Leo Pol’s brand up uptempo deep house, deployed at the right time it can send crowds into a frenzy! Also useful to bridge into more techno vibes. Again, I could have picked a few of his tracks but this one is a current favourite. Driving drums, great chords and some irresistible french words.

Dennis Ferrer feat Bola Belo – Dem People Go (DF’s Kicked Out Mix)

This one never fails to get a crowd going. Solid percussion, feel good guitar and brass section, and a vocal that’ll have you singing along on the first listen – perfect recipe for an uplifting dance floor heater!


Books’ ‘Sour Grapes’ EP (including a remix by Lawrence Guy) is out February 5th on Omena Records. Keep a close eye on this.

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