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Mumbai Science | Five For The Floor - Chase The Compass

Mumbai Science | Five For The Floor

Belgian duo, Mumbai Science are ready to make you expand your consciousness. After their Big Room anthem ‘Jasmine’ they explore a darker sound with new track, ‘Hidden Sound’. Boasting support from the likes of Boston Bun, Sasha, Carl Craig and Charlotte de Witte, the pair is clearly on a roll! We thought it would be a good idea to dive into their playlist with five track picks from their record bag.

Mumbai Science ‘Hidden Sound’

Our latest work, but actually we’ve been sitting on this track for a while now. I think for 2 years now even. Needless to say we’re absolutely stoked that this one finally sees the light of day. Hidden Sound must be one of our favorite tracks to play out. Play it anywhere during your set, it sets the mood. We call it meditational techno. Perfect to find your balance while going all out. We’re both very spiritual people so we like to incorporate a bit of that in our music. Even if it’s with a bit of a twist. It’s never meant to be too serious. Dance music should never be all too serious.

Blue Alphabet ‘Genetic Trance (Sue Avenue Rework)’

To celebrate 25 years of Bonzai records, they released an EP with remixes of some of their classics. This is one of them and it is just perfect. Where we grew up, Bonzai was a big big big thing. We used to dance our asses off to names like Yves Deruyter, Cherrymoon Trax, Push, … you name it. There’s a huge revival going on with people like Nina Kraviz playing old Belgian Bonzai classics. But we know in our hearts that we were the real OG’s.

Maria Rita ‘Lamento Africa/Rictus (Joakim Remix)’

The original track was released in 1988 and is truly beautiful. The voice of Maria Rita is enchanting. So I’m very happy this remix by Joakim manages to respect the out of this world vibe of the original. By adding different layers of electronica sounds and using a very subtle grooving baseline this track is perfect for “late-night-into-early-morning-moments”. One of our favourites to chill out to and just let the inspiration flow.

Benjamin Damage ‘Montreal’

S records have been a icon of good releases for us. From the old Belgian Classics to their recent post-everything sounds, I truly love them. This release by Benjamin Damage hits the spot for me! 4 to the floor, no nonsense, a trippy trance break, and raw power. More please!

Bambooman ‘Bird Season’

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t much of a club track is it? Or is it? Could it be? Maybe. Who knows. Leave all expectations and judgement behind when entering the club. Expand your mind and come with us. And together we might experience something meaningful. Together we’ll transcend the ordinary of daily life and find a place of true liberation. And it might be with this track included in our set. It features birds.


‘Hidden Sound’ is out now via Mumbai Science Records. Grab your copy here.

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