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It’s that time of year when I open up my ears and heart to my French hometown of Rennes for the annual Rencontres Trans Musicales festival, firmly established as one the best showcase festival in the world. It’s the festival’s 39th edition next month, and judging by the quasi-perfect lineup, it’s easy to see why it’s still going strong after almost 40 years of existence.

Once again, out of the 100+ artists performing over five days, I only know a handful. So I caught up with Mathieu Gervais, who co-programs the festival (alongside founder Jean-Louis Brossard) for a lowdown on his top 5 nuggets of the electronic side of the lineup.

Kiddy Smile ‘Let A B!tch Know’

There’s something nostalgic that I like about his sound, I’m feeling a bit from 80’ and 90’s US house and deep house infuences.
Hand claps, big synth bass, great deep voice, the perfect groove cocktail for the French prince of voguing nights.

Time ‘Bird’

A tech-house track, from a French jazz musician. This track is so rich musically, and the horns break is amazing… love it!

Kirara ‘ct16041’

I’m really into this minimalist electro-house vibe, 1’53 min of groove and energy.
There’s something really pure about her sound…and perhaps in her personality too. We will find out!

Zamilska ‘Rise’

The dark side of my selection, a noisy, rough, tribal track.
Is this the sound of Poland? Ah ah!

Abe ‘Our Land’

My last one is on a deep and fluid tip. It’s a techno track which makes me feel at home in the French Apls, where I grew up.


The 39th edition of Les Rencontres Trans Musicales is from 4-10 December in Rennes, France. More details here.



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