Dragosh ‘Relov’ | CTC Premiere

New wax from Dutch label Memoria fresh off the presses!

Romanian producer Dragosh blends his signature groovy techno with blissful, melodic house on his recent ‘Relov’ creation released on long running label, Memoria.

With established labels like Moonharbour, Desolat and Brouqade already showing support for the burgeoning artist, it’s no surprise that Dragosh has nestled in comfortably in underground communities worldwide. A pulsating bassline fused with crunchy hats throughout, ‘Relov’ is a flawless deep house gem perfect for warming up us before delving deeper into the mind of Dragosh and his productions.

Gracing the decks around the globe from Manchester to Milan and remaining a solid fixture at Romania’s notorious Sun Waves festival, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the evolving producer over the coming year, be it on the Balearic Isle or the closer to home here in the UK. Nice.


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