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Oli Furness | Five For The Floor - Chase The Compass

Oli Furness | Five For The Floor

Oli Furness is about to leave his mark on Hot Creations sister label Emerald City with the irresistibly groovy ‘Wanna Lie Down’. Ahead of the release later this week, we caught up with the Manchester star for a peek into his record bag filled with ghetto and funky goodness.

Oli Furness ‘Wanna Lie down’

Of Course the mandatory inclusion of my latest track but actually this would be in here anyway old or new. The track wrote itself really, once I’d cut the sample and got some flavour added it its seemed to gel. I know Jamie was and a few other people were smashing this in DC10 last year so it seemed a perfect marriage to team up with his team to get this out. Huge respect to the guys for piecing together such a slick little ep and also for putting it out on vinyl too.

Parris Mitchell ‘All night Long’

This was the first Parris track I heard and I’ve been a huge fan of his work ever since. The reasons I chose this track are that its just so dam good, sleezy vocals, righteous piano riff (this was originally sampled from “Unit 2”’- Sunshine which of course has just had the wonderful “KINK” remix it which is also a banger) and to top it all off that chi town bump underpinning it all. DOPE.

Steven B.C. ‘Between The Sheets’

Nothin but love for my boi Dj Haus and his multi faceted Unknown to the Unknown label which just seems to be building and building atm. This comes off the long player from Steve B.C. I recently dropped this at a festival as an opener and boy does it do the job. This actually lead me to making a edit of Dr. Dre ‘Let me Ride’ which is turning out to be a cheeky secret weapon for me.

Omar S ‘Set it Off’

Keeping on this kinda sleezy vocal / Machine jam tip we have to visit the man who lays it down in his very own unique styling’s. From content to mix down you can guarantee that Omar S brings the fuego. There’s a veritable list of Omar S tracks I could have plonked on here but this one I haven’t heard for alittle while and on hearing this brought some beautiful hazy memories of sunny after parties good times.

Oli Furness ‘Mandingo’

Had to throw this one on here, the latest 12” from my label, Music is Love. Had the pleasure of my boi’s Mak & pasteman run the remix on this ep. It’s a big old Disco house track that contains a badass sample (if you know it , you know it). This tracks been putting smiles on peoples faces for over a year for me so it’s been great to finally get this out on the black stuff.


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