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Night Shift Sound | FIVE FOR THE FLOOR - Chase The Compass

Night Shift Sound | FIVE FOR THE FLOOR

Based in Manchester, the NSS duo have been around for a hot minute. Playing gigs in and around their hometown as well as around the world, the duo felt it was time to give back to their roots and start a compilation series offering a window into the minds of Northern rave aficionados. ‘Northern Power House’ was born.

For the second of the series, they hit up some of their favourite talent to deliver exclusive originals and remixes, new vocal versions and existing catalogue favourites, made up entirely of Night Shift Sound related content.

They’re picking five out of the 20 track strong ‘Northern Power House Vol.2’. Get your dancing shoes out!

Murder He Wrote ft. Fiona Rose – Drawn

‘Following what turned into a 48hr bender in Milan a few weeks back with Murder He Wrote, it feels great to have ‘Drawn’ out for the world to hear, as we’ve been sat on this track for what feels like a minute now. The uniqueness of the record really pulled us in when he sent it over… The ruffneck beats, that big reese bass and the floaty vocals of Fiona really just smack of a great club track. Perfect for dropping mid set, people have got their groove on, and then this is just going to come out of nowhere and takes you by surprise. It’s heads down and euphoric all at the same time, and that little synth line, along with everything else, just takes things to the next level. Very cool.’

Essro – Born To Do It

Essro was one of our first label artists and he’s such a G. He’s been doing his thing in the Drum N Bass world for 10 years plus now as Rowney, and the 4/4 stuff he’s been making as Essro for the past couple of years for us and for Sam Supplier’s DVR Recordings is just off the chain, in our eyes/ears. It’s such a great track to drop as a statement of intent, the almost broken feel to the beats, the haunting riff, that bass, and oh those acid tweaks. If this doesn’t get you dancing, there’s no hope. And no one is making clubby, bassline-influenced house like this guy. Check it for yourself.

Trutopia – Lose Control (VIP)

When the VIP of ‘Lose Control’ landed in our inbox, we were so gassed about it (and still are!). Channeling those 1992 inspired breakbeat flavours that made us fall in love with The Prodigy and early hardcore breakbeat stuff, the track just stinks, in the best possible way! The hardcore riff, the epic synths and the balearic Ibiza vocals just bring together a pretty special and amazing record, for us. It’s just pure party, hedonistic, end of the night stuff. Imagine low ceilings, sweat dripping off the walls, and a bunch of very happy, smiling faces… it encapsulates everything we’ve grown up with in Manchester, and to be able to share that with people is pretty special.

Ralston – The Call

We’ve been fans of Ralston’s work for some time after hearing his stuff on our old music pal AC Slater’s label, and have been keeping a close eye on his output ever since. We were really pleased to be able to get him involved in Northern Power House Vol. 2, and his unique take on the UK bass side of things, mixed with elements of the heavier, more US side of bass-heavy dance music, really stood out to us on ‘The Call’. You can tell he’s a man of many sounds and influences, and it makes his productions really difficult to pigeon-hole… You could work this into your set at pretty much any time of night, and it’s always going to do the trick. Props to the man too for having his engineering and sound design so on point too. We’re really excited to see what else Ralston has in store moving forward.

Wrangle ft. Maria Marcial – Your Love

Wrangle is someone we’ve worked closely with for years, but for one reason or another, his original material has never quite made it into the public domain. But, after honing the sound with him, we’re really chuffed it’s starting to happen. The guy’s a genius on the keyboard, and some of the chords he brings, the musicality, is a unique touch for the heavier side of house music. Your Love has been through a few incarnations, starting life as an unofficial remix, then going instrumental, and finally, we enlisted the talents of Maria to add that extra dimension, and she seriously delivered. Having heard the mixes Wrangle’s created for BBC Radio 1Xtra, and knowing how some of the new demos sound, the next few months could be pretty large for this man… If you like your house music big, uplifting, and with the tiniest of deft commercial touches, you need to watch out.




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