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Laurence Guy | CTC Recommends - Chase The Compass

Laurence Guy | CTC Recommends

Laurence Guy has been in our playlists for a while. We’re psyched to have him play at our sixteen hour summer knees up this Saturday, across two lovely venues in Shoreditch. Ahead of festivities, he’s talking us through his ‘Bamboo’ EP and picks a few tracks for us.

How was ‘Bamboo’ EP born?

“I guess it was born out of frustration really, I was completely skint and had been sleeping on my brothers sofa and I’d just moved into my friends warehouse/bedroom/studio, where we combined our musical set ups. I made all the tracks there in quick succesion.”

Talk us through the tracks.

Bamboo was a pretty basic jam on a cheap Korg synth I was using at the time, I think I found the break first and then hit record and just played the chords/bassline over the top. Then I grabbed a stack of records and found the sampled vocal and guitars.”

Knotweed started by sampling an amazing jazz record by Joe Henderson. I chopped the entire track and then jammed something out and added the drums etc.”

Lotus is another jam on the Korg, I somehow fucked the settings up and it started doing a weird held note sometimes when I played a chord, which sounded really nice so I recorded that and it became the basis for the track. Everything stemmed from that basic chord progression and I just kept adding elements until it was done.”

“Edeilweiss is a similar story to ‘Knotweed’, sampled a bunch of records and turned them into something new :)”

The tune you’ve had in your bag for a while but still haven’t found the perfect place and moment to play it.

Juluka ‘Kilamanjaro (Dance Mix)’ – “This is a killer boogie record, but it’s really on the line in terms of cheesiness. I think it could be huge on the dancefloor if dropped at the right time, but you would have to have the crowd on your side 100%, maybe one for an all night set, rather than an hour or two.”

The tune you play to save a dancefloor.

Nebraska ‘This Is The way’ – “This is the perfect loopy disco house record. Expertly arranged with a long build up and a massive payoff. Any time I’m floundering during a set, I reach for this.”

The tune you’d love to feature on.

“That’s a tricky one, not sure I can think of anything specific I would like to have featured on, but I’d love to write something for Solange Knowles.”

Best food to go alongside your music.

“Pickled onion monster munch.”

Your musical nightmare.

“Not sure, but maybe a death metal cover of S Club 7.”

What do you want to do when you grow up?

“I want to be an astronaut.”


Laurence Guy plays our afterparty at Kamio this Saturday. Tickets here.

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