‘Scientist’ and ‘Jazzman’ are two professions considered worlds apart but in the case of pioneering producer Simon Maverick, there’s a strong connection. The recent release of his much anticipated album ‘Time’ boldly displays his eccentricity, along with his ability to disturb and surprise.

Based in Paris, Maverick is an enigmatic character who makes scary and spacey sounds that feel so stretched out, you can imagine yourself falling immediately into an ambient, pulsating cocoon. Occasional shows on Rinse FM France along with the responsibility of running his own label ‘Bief Recordings’ has built up Maverick’s technical knowledge and artistic integrity which is prevalent throughout his productions. Along with an extensive wax collection including jazz, hard techno and everything in between, Maverick’s educated ear means that it’s impossible to pigeonhole his tracks into one genre.

‘Time’ starts off with what’s essentially caterwauling. Tracks such as ‘2.22’ and ‘3.48’ set a questionable tone early on in the album. We’re continually led through a grey, pumping din with ‘4.02’ and ‘4.16’, but these monotonous tracks somehow entice us into Maverick’s weird world of melodic fog.

Jolting us out of our reverie, Maverick takes a sharp turn with the booming ‘5.5’, throwing us into a haze of industrial noise. The ‘Scientist’s’ ability to shock is thoroughly present. The blood-curdling ‘6.20’ sounds like Maverick’s sampled the wails of banshee howling into the night – it’s a complete change of scene from the cotton-wooled flatness that introduced the album.

Ending on an eerie note, the ‘jazzman’ takes things down by a fractional notch with the final track ‘7.5’. Still banging but not as harsh as the previous rhythms, we’re left with a deep imprint of dark and sinister shivers ingrained into our ears. We’re pretty much wondering what the hell just happened.

That’s what makes this Parisian producer different from the standard 4×4 artists we’re constantly graced with in the world of underground music. Alway thinking outside the box, Maverick’s tunes are completely off grid and undefined, making for a wonderfully psychedelic and unsettling trip making it a full blown listening experience.

Expect the unexpected…


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