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CTC Talks | Future Disco - Chase The Compass

CTC Talks | Future Disco

“I don’t really know where I find all the music,” Future Disco boss Sean Brosnan tells us. “Every now and again a record will make my ears prick up. [I see] if I can listen to it 50 times, then I feel like someone else can listen to it 50 times, and that’s just how I work through making the mix.” Brosnan has had a busy summer season. The Needwant label head has recently released the latest Future Disco compilation – Poolside Sounds – which features tracks from Leon Vynehall, Sasha, Maribou State, and PillowTalk.

Sean has also been commanding the turntables at Night Tales – Hackney Wick’s music, food, and booze extravaganza – alongside fellow FD resident, Dom Chung, playing with the Percolate crew at Gottwood – an epic dance music festival set deep in the Welsh woods – and warming up for the legend that is Carl Cox at Space on the White Isle.

Brosnan began his foray into the world of electronic music collecting flyers and buying tape packs from the likes of Fantazia and Dreamscape. “I’ve just always been really into dance music,” Sean explains. “It’s the whole culture. I really love it.” His first real job in the industry was at his local record shop, Movement Records, in Southampton “Selling vinyl. Lots of vinyl”, which in turn lead to DJing in local clubs.

The lightbulb moment for Brosnan came “When I was about 18. I used to go to this club called The Manor near Bournemouth. It was the most legendary club in the middle of nowhere.[I’d hear] these house records with disco samples and I started buying the original disco records”. Is there a track that initially spiked his interest in disco? “I really like T-Connection ‘Do What You Wanna Do’. I live in Ibiza for a summer and I used to hear it in the funky room at Pacha.” Bear in mind this was a time pre-Shazam. After relentlessly searching for it, he eventually found it. “I was so over the moon, I played it relentlessly.”


For many DJs there’s a pivotal point in their career, a standout moment of realisation that you’ve somewhat made it. For Sean, it’s his weekly Ibizan residency at Space, warming up for Mr Carl Cox. “You know what?” Sean reflects, “the highlight in terms of pure emotions was doing the first and second Future Disco compilations. The fact that I can pull together loads of records and have people really enjoy what I’m selecting and mixing, that’s always the highlight for me.”

There’s often a record that DJs dig out from the dusty depths of their record bags, one that revives the dancefloor. What’s it going to be for Brosnan? “I tell you what I love playing – Alcatraz ‘Give Me Love’. It’s a really great, old house record. That’s the one that sticks out for me.”


The passion that Brosnan displays for his music and the music of others, shows that he’s not one of those DJs who are on the hunt for glory or have some narcissistic need for self-gratification. This shines through in his ability as a selector, both in his sets and on the compilations. Any producers rising through the ranks that we should be keeping an ear out for? “I’d say a guy called Ashworth who I work with. Fatima Yamaha is a really good producer too.”

Aside from a summer of hedonist fun that has seen the prolific ‘turntablist’ play at some seriously superior events (Night Tales, Babbington House Pool Party, Gottwood, and the hallowed terrace of Space) Sean is currently in the process of curating and compiling volume 10 in the Future Disco series. He tells us that this will be the last.

“I’m actually going to start a new label,” the disco fanatic tells us. “One that’s sort of quite ambient, electronica sort of sounds because I quite like that sort of music. I’m sort of addicted to labels. It’s just the way I am.” Well, let’s face it, there are far worse things to be addicted to. Sean agrees. “Yeah, exactly. It’s something I love doing. I don’t know why. I love signing records and releasing them. The whole project.”

Future Disco- Poolside Sounds is available to buy and stream via their website. You can also keep up-to-date with their movements here too.


If you fancy checking out the last few parties down at Night Tales before the season is done, head this way for tickets and info.

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