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CTC STAFF ROOM | APRIL 2016 - Chase The Compass


Oh London you bloody beaut. Who’d have thought that as we listen through last month’s picks from our treasured staff, the first of the summer sun would be beaming down on our beloved capital? In fairness, most things are improved by a mini heatwave so we’ll let you decide if this collection is indeed the perfect soundtrack to the sun or if we’re delirious from sun stroke and Red Stripe. If you’ve missed our reccs before, make sure you join our ‘CTC Recommends’ crowd on Crowdmix and come and experience our exquisite taste first hand this Thursday at our second Chase the Beat rooftop party!

Frank McWeeny – French Toast Radio

Brett Johnson & Mikey V ‘Runway’

“Just got back from India where I was touring all over the country. My pic will have to be a piece of tuneage which I played in almost every set and went down a treat! Smooth nine-minute roller ‘Runaway’ by Brett Johnson and Mikey V. Cool catchy vocals which has you humming for days, and a super groovy and sexy bassline which just doesn’t stop! Special mention to The Warehouse in Bangalore and Bonobo in Mumbai where it really got crowds shakin’.”

Jessica Holton – CTC Contributor

Nutrition ‘Samba’

“Ain’t nothing like a track that’s both tropical and gritty – kind of like getting a little bit of dirt in your Pina Colada. Delicious yet textured. This is what young-buck Nutrition brings in his six-minute epic ‘Samba’. Layered and dark bass that screams of the deepest of dancefloors is mixed with a smattering of percussion that makes this casual banger the stand-out of April.”

Louis Haines – CTC Contributor

Kölsch & Michael Mayer ‘Dogma 1’

“It’s only a snippet for now, with the full release due 20th May, but it’s the absolutely sublime evolution of Kölsch and Michael Mayer’s incoming release ‘Dogma 1’ that caught my attention this month. Part of a series of releases on Kölsch’s new IPSO imprint, he’ll be inviting a different collaborator for each and limiting them to one piece of hardware to create an original track (Mayer selected an old Yamaha organ for Dogma 1 & 2). This peach and its B-side took them just one day. Of course there’s manipulation aplenty, and a spiraling intro gives way to undulating yelps, before a beautiful, harmonious melody and bassline take over, and all is, quite simply, bliss.”

Giaco Bridgett – CTC DJ

Dusky ‘Ingrid is a Hybrid’

“An ethereal intro, with vocals that slowly envelop your ears and brain. Then the trusty Dusky snare and hi-hats hit and it’s time to strap in and be taken away. Nice work whoever Ingrid is you cheeky minx. Special mention to Tourist too for ‘Run’, pipped to the post in the final furlong…”

Leon Clarkson – CTC Contributor

Richy Ahmed ‘So Good’

“So good he named it just that, Richy Ahmed returns with his feel-good — sure to be — summer anthem ‘So Good’. A looping house stomper with a funked-up bassline, longing strings that feel as though they’re from a ’60s James Bond soundtrack, and looped vocals chanting “So good to me”. This is one of those tracks that’ll lift dancefloor spirits and fit well across both disco-tinged house and peak-time tech sets where it’s time to get the energy shifting gears. An utterly infectious track from first beat to the last.”

Jamie Ferguson – Events & Music Management

Illyus & Barrientos ‘Love You So Much feat. Trina Broussard’

“It’s big, it’s pulsating and has that catchy vocal top-line that we have come to expect from Illyus and Barrientos. Sure they’ve been fairly quiet as of late, but make no mistake, the Glasgow duo are back and I’ve a feeling that big things are just around the corner. Enjoy!”

Jennifer Wallis – CTC Contributor

LK ‘It’s Been A Long Time’

“The track that caught my attention in April is this beauty from LK, released on the relatively new vinyl only-imprint Shall Not Fade. It’s over six minutes of pure, disco-tinged bliss. An explosion of strings kick in around the 50-second mark followed by a smooth, soulful vocal. I defy any of you to listen to this and not feel ecstatically happy afterwards.”

Chris Salter – Social Media Manager

Lianne La Havas ‘Lost and Found’ (Matthew Herbert Remix)

“So many feels for Matthew Herbert’s sumptuous remix of London based singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas’s 2012 breakthrough track ‘Lost and Found’. A constant innovator, Herbert has reimagined this heartbroken ballad into an elegant dancefloor celebration. Uplifting and deeply emotive. Don’t take my word for it – DJ Koze opens with it on his new Pampa Records compilation.”

Declan McGlynn – Editor

Chrissy feat. Miles Boony ‘Join Me’

“There’s no doubt that Chicago’s Smart Bar is a clubbing institution. Resident Chrissy’s productions mimic what the city does best with vocal-driven house over slickly-produced-if-slightly-home-brewed beats. ‘Join Me’ is one of many I’ve been obsessing over this month, released on Luke Solomon and fellow Smart regular Derrick Carter’s Classic Music Company. Do yourself a favour and get to know his discography over on his SoundCloud, especially ‘Crave You’-esque ‘‘Photobooth‘.”


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