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Dearly beloved, the king is dead. You don’t need us to tell you the influence the Purple One had on music – his remarkable instrumentation, synth and drum machine programming, poignant and sometimes wry lyrics, impeccable dance moves and production work behind the board combined to absolutely positively make him one of a kind.

In times of purple crisis, we’re turning to his music – the soundtrack to so many pre-drink shimmies, peak-time club floor-fillers and after-party singalongs. And while it might seem sacrilege to tamper with the master, there are some producers who took what The Kid did so well, and tweaked it either for the modern dancefloor, or made it something new entirely. We decided to compile our favourite Prince edits that will no doubt be rinsed throughout the weekend and beyond. Gett funky.

‘Do I Believe in God’ (LNTG Muscle Edit)

Probably Prince’s must edited and editable track, ‘Controversy’ doesn’t need much improvement. Instead, LNTG picked some key riffs and phrases and extended the classic to almost nine minutes of filtered funkiness. Mighty Mouse’s take comes in a close second, though you’ll have to hunt that down yourself.

‘Purple Music’ Seven Davis Jr Edit

Almost as sassy as the man himself, Seven Davis Jr’s re-work of ‘So High’ is a stripped-back groover. Funnily enough, at six minutes, it actually shaves four minutes off the original but gives it a newer, tighter vibe in the process.

‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ Dimitri from Paris Remix

Dimitri From Stoke On Trent – I Wanna Be Your…

Despite cleverly hiding behind the alias of a Stoke-on-Trent based lobster lover, DFP still had his absolute genius remix stricken from most of the ’net. Kicking off a live recording of ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ recorded in Japan in 1997, it elegantly segues into a beefed-up version of one of the songs that kicked off Prince’s career. We’re not ashamed to admit we’ve turned to this edit probably 100 times and it’s never failed to bring the floor together. Magic.

’17 Days’ OOFT! Edit


B-side to Prince’s most successful song of all time, you’d be forgiven for missing ’17 Days’. Elegantly produced with excellent lyrics and impeccable synth work, it’s an a-typical Prince record of the time i.e. bloody brilliant. OOFT! subtly tweaks the original, giving it DJ-friendly sound and arrangement.

‘I Would Die 4 U’ Extended Version

Who better to take the razor n tape to Prince’s music than the man himself? He regularly made his own extended versions and this one from ‘Purple Rain”s classic is a feat to behold. At over 10 minutes long, Prince lets loose, allowing his band to show off their talent, forever teasing the main synth riff until it finally drops. When the P man shimmied his way into heaven yesterday, this is what was playing. RIP pal.

Extra shout outs to: ‘Head’ (Ghosts of Venice Edit), ‘When Doves Cry’ (Finnebassen Remix), ‘Raspberry Beret’ (Shield Your Eyes Edit)


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