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CTC STAFF ROOM | FEB 2016 - Chase The Compass


I know this is all very clichéd but March already? Damn. We are basically one-sixth of the way through 2016 and you’ve still got your holiday belly. C’mon. Before you hit the gym in tears, load up your iPhone and/or iPod (mate) with the absolute finest Feb tracks from our collective of writers, DJs, producers, tastemakers, editors and general music elite. Eavesdrop on the acclaimed CTC Staff Room – February was a goodun, too.

Frank McWeeny – French Toast Radio

Leon Russell ‘Reform’

“Wind Horse Records is off to a good start in 2016! Hamza’s label based in New Delhi is in its 5th year and hasn’t taken a single break. This one from new recruit Leon Russell is out of the fifth sampler from the label. Moody, groovy & effective, tried and tested on the dancefloor. Turn it up!”

Jessica Holton – CTC Contributor

Bag Raiders ‘Friend Inside’

“The boys are back and in a big way! This twosome from Sydney sculpted the early youth of many 20-somethings who had a soft spot for dancing in dark underground pits, with their own brand of bright house. ‘Friend Inside’ reignites the sweaty flame of nostalgia that Chris and Jack are known for. This track welcomes their fans back with open arms and produces popping bass, soulful vocals and an undercurrent of bubbling disco. This will be a house party favourite for years to come.”

Louis Haines – CTC Contributor

Chris Malinchak ‘Like It Better’

“The New Yorker of ‘So Good To Me’ fame reminded us of his masterful flare for laid-back beats that beg to be listened to by the pool. Malinchak dusts off his bubbly atmospherics on ‘Like It Better’, and paired with a chopped and spliced vocal sample has put together something irresistibly fun, jaunty and, dare I say it, summery. Might just be wishful thinking though…”

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers – Editor-in-chief

Young Franco ‘Brooklyn’

“Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week, you’ll probably already know that the CTC crew just threw a wicked party in Sydney… and we just can’t stop bangin’ on about how bloody great it was! Our dear friend and undisputed DJ prodigy Young Franco tore the roof off with his original tune ‘Brooklyn’ on the day — you can listen back to his and Luke Million’s set in full right hurr.”

Giaco Bridgett – CTC DJ

Kideko & George Kwali ‘Crank It’

“Following on from the huge success of ‘The Jam’ last year, Brighton-based Kideko has served us up another club weapon with the a little help from newcomer George Kwali. Relentless, infectious and down right filthy, this is the perfect tune to start thinking about festival season…”

Jamie Ferguson – Events & Music Management

The Mekanism ‘Revolution’

“There is no doubt that the Mekanism is a man on the rise. His recent EP showcases thumping lead track ‘Revolution’ which is filled with the French producer’s signature house groove and spangled synths. A sure thing for dancefloor explosion. The rest of the EP see’s ‘Allright’ and ‘On the beat’ shine in equally fine form. You will not regret the jump!”

Jennifer Wallis – CTC Contributor

HNNY ‘Oma Doris’

“The track that caught my attention in February, and the one that has been melting away my winter blues, is HNNY’s ‘Oma Doris’. Despite being released over a year ago on House Of Disco Records, it recently appeared Future Disco volume nine, earlier in February. It’s within this treasure trove of tunes that its delightful sounds made their way to my ears.

“However it’s with a hint of sadness that I’ve only just discovered this gem as HNNY has decided to take a permanent break from music making. But don’t let that get you down. Let ‘Oma Doris” mesmerising melodic bongo beat, and disco tinged guitar riff take you to your happy place. A place of sunshine, soft sandy beaches and sea.”

Chris Salter – Social Media Manager

Grand Pavilion ‘Anywhere’

“Rising London-based Aussie duo Grand Pavilion continue to impress with their latest single ‘Anywhere’. Featuring the delicate vocals of Loretta Angus, they combine echoing synths and layered percussion to create a real pulsing ethereal treat. If you like your electronic music dreamy, be sure to check out their debut EP ‘Foreign Escapes’. File next to Garden City Movement, KAASI and Dream Koala.”

Declan McGlynn – Editor

Junior Boys ‘Baby Give Up On It’

“Oh man I love this song. And in fact, the whole album is great. The Junior Boys’ pairing of emotion and electronics has always been divine af and it’s the same story here. Top stuff. Read our review of ‘Big Black Coat’ here.”


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