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CTC STAFF ROOM | JAN 2016 - Chase The Compass


Great music never sleeps – is that even possible? – and January is no exception. Our coveted writers, reviewers, DJs, editors and all-round music experts take to their keyboards to share with you the tracks doing it for them this month. Play it for your friends and pretend you discovered it – we don’t mind.

Louis Haines – CTC Contributor

Nicholas Haelg ‘Bring the Funk Back’ (Nicholas Haelg Remix)

Tough choice this month, but Swiss producer with the smokey eyes Nicolas Haelg takes my January Staff Room pick. More often found releasing slightly more *ahem* generic deep house, he bucks the trend with his ‘Bring The Funk Back’ remix, pounding the unrestrained party vibes with brass, congas, vinyl scratching, you name it. January? No. JANUARY!

Jennifer Wallis – CTC Contributor

Gene Farris ‘Time’

January can be a miserable month. It’s cold, it’s grey, and a quick glance at your bank balance leaves you with a feeling of destitution. Well, there’s only one thing for it, get your listening holes around some disco-inspired, Chicago House beats.

Cajual – the label from Curtis Jones AKA Green Velvet AKA Cajmere – is fast becoming my go-to label for pure, unadulterated house music. With imprints from legendary producers such as; Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and Roy Davis JR, you’ll understand why. Released on 15th of January, the ‘Bring The Beat Back EP’ from Gene Farris is the one that’s been doing it for me and, in particular, this track – ‘Time’. It’s a bouncy, funk-infused, disco dazzler that’ll get your lifeblood pumping and your toes tapping.

Declan McGlynn – Editor

FOUK ‘Gruff’

We had the pleasure of hosting Fouk’s Five for the Floor recently and I’ve been slamming the title track from their new EP ever since. Released on the always-party-poppin’ House of Disco label, it’s a throwback to the finest French house while keeping one tapping foot firmly on the modern dancefloor. Lovely.

Frank McWeeney – French Toast Radio

Typesun ‘Make It Right’

From Bristol – the angry cello intro confused me a little at first but then I was like, why not? Everything is possible… Also featured in French Toast Radio 64 which is out now!

Chris Salter – Head of Media

Fatima Yamaha – Borderless II

Following Dekmantel’s reissue of club favourite ‘What’s A Girl To Do’, Dutch producer Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha has seen his stock rise. His debut album ‘Imaginary Lines’ boasts an impressively textured palette, meandering through techno, funk and electronica. For me the standout track is ‘Borderless II’, that deep rolling kick drum and cosmic synths are infectious. It’s been on constant repeat this month.

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers – Editor-in-Chief

Christopher Cross ‘Ride Like The Wind’ Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix

It takes true talent to re-edit disco well, something Joey Negro proves he has in spades on his latest ZEDD comp. ‘Music Is My Life’ is the LP’s standout – it’s a cruising disco pumper that’s guaranteed to fill the floor each and every time. A triumph!

Jamie Ferguson – Events & Music Management

Mennie ‘Reels Rebel’

With all of this dry January bollocks taking centre stage, I have been scouring about for some fresh blood. With Exploited’s new release on their sister label ‘Exploited Ghetto’, I think I’ve found it. I’ll let you make up your mind, but this has kick-started my 2016 in all the right ways.

Giaco Bridgett – CTC DJ

Riva Starr ‘The Superdope’

Shake ya money maker!

Jess Holton – CTC Contributor

RÜFÜS ‘Be With You’

RÜFÜS just released their latest album ‘Bloom’ today, and I have to say ‘Be With You’ is an absolute banger. It fuses soft atmospheric vocals with soulful beats and makes for an outstanding disco track. I have a feeling we will be seeing this track littering many sweaty dance floors in the coming months. I dare you not to fall victim to the mid 90s electro tones and find yourself dancing through your head phones while doing your groceries. Read CTC’s interview with RÜFÜS here.


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