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CTC 2015 | Track of the year - Chase The Compass

CTC 2015 | Track of the year

We’ve already counted down our favourite Moments, Remixes, Discoveries and Albums of the year and for our final CTC 2015 we’re looking back at our favourite tracks. It’s been a big year for CTC and an amazing year for music – our esteemed editors, DJs, writers, friends and fam are on hand to guide you through our picks. Merry Christmas and we’ll see you on the other side.

Jamie Ferguson – Music Management & Events

BICEP ‘Just’

This tune has been on repeat ever since I first heard it played by Seth Troxler at SONAR in Barcelona. Whatever the occasion, Bicep have constructed a song that can release the inner raver in everyone. Whether I hear it on the tube at 8am or on the dancefloor at 4am, it has exactly the same effect – eyes closed, head down, RAVE.

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers – Editor in Chief

The Revenge ‘Dance 4 You’

I can’t even express how much I love The Revenge’s music and this for me was hands down one of the tracks of the year. Warm, groovy and classy AF. Special mentions to Kiwi ‘Short Tail’, Fernando ‘Mid Decade’, Jay Lumen ‘Roots 88’ and everything by Opolopo.

Louis Haines – CTC Contributor

BICEP ‘Just’

They’ve been turning out corkers for a while now, but this is the track that’s really brought the Belfast duo to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. A darkly mystifying, trance-infused cut, it’s been everywhere this year, and justifiably, so have they.

Frank McWeeny – French Toast Radio

Hauke Freer ‘XK’

This was particularly hard but I have to say Hauke Freer ‘XK’ – first release of the new German XK Records produced by one half of Session Victim. Say no more.

Leon Clarkson – CTC Contributor

Gregor Tresher ‘Goliath’

Gregor Tresher’s ‘Goliath’ just pounds like you would not believe. It’s eerie, unsettling synth progression is the perfect techno sound and the soundtrack that surrounds it is also expertly constructed in every aspect. What’s more it’s groovy, which is a testament to the production quality from Gregor.

Chris Salter – Head of Media

Kiasmos ‘Swept’

My track of the year goes to Kiasmos and their stunning single ‘Swept’. The duo comprised of Icelandic Bafta-winning composer Ólafur Arnalds and electronic wiz Janus Rasmussen, utilise strings-and-effects-laden electronica to produce some beautifully dreamy techno. The combination of piano, strings and synths on ‘Swept’ produces a sound so ethereal, it gives me chills. Their self-titled debut album released a year before is also essential listening.

Jess Holton – CTC Contributor

Josef Salvat ‘Open Season’

This track has glided me through many pre drinks, post drinks and rolls around on the carpet of my lounge room floor. Both haunting and exciting, ‘Open Season’ is 100% my track of 2015.

Giaco Bridgett – CTC DJ

99 Souls ‘The Girl Is Mine’

When this surfaced at the top of the year, it literally came in like an exocet missile out of my speakers. Just perfect.

Declan McGlynn – Editor

RÜFÜS – Innerbloom

I have caught a terrible disease from my housemate where it seems that playing the same song on repeat, more than once, is now acceptable behaviour. The symptoms began to appear throughout the summer but it was when I first heard my choice for the coveted CTC Track of the Year that things took a turn for the worse. Having only reached our ears last month, RÜFÜS’s ‘Innerbloom’ has graced my various speakers countless times, many of those sequential. I need help.

At a bolshy nine-and-a-half minutes and essentially split into three parts, it makes a kind of stubborn statement, clocking in at exactly how long it feels like – no less or no more. Yes it’s heavily influenced by David August and his classically-trained-turned-techno peers and the vocal might not be for everyone but there’s something about the way these chords on these synths – sweetened with Cassian’s eminent mixing skills – that tell a story without saying a word. The careful composition allows the nine minutes to fly past, even when on repeat. If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it.

Jennifer Wallis – CTC Contributor

Silky & Navid Izadi ‘When You’re Gone’

For me this has to be the Silky and Navid Izadi Frankie Knuckles tribute ‘When You’re Gone’. Beautiful tune. No other words needed.


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