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CTC 2015 | DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR - Chase The Compass


There’s nothing like discovering and championing a little-known artist, band or producer and watching them rise to the top. The next step in our CTC 2015 End of Year list celebrates our fave new-comers or new discoveries. Not necessarily new to the scene or even newly released, but the tracks, releases and artists that made the biggest impact on us in 2015. Let us know if we’ve missed anyone, and find out if your new favourite producer awaits below.

Declan McGlynn – Editor

Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau has had an incredible year. Releasing a debut album, two EPs and a collaborative record with Nick Höppner as well as a collection of extremely solid remixes, I’m going all out and declaring he’ll become one of the most sought-after DJs in 2016. If nods from both Matthew Dear and Gerd Janson weren’t enough, how about a whole EP dedicated to a rare touch-screen sampler from the ’80s made famous by Art of Noise and Peter Gabriel? Thought so – join the wagon.

Giaco Bridgett – CTC DJ

Leon Lour

Leon Lour. Big tings for him in 2016.

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers – Editor in Chief

Bill Brewster ‘Late Night Tales presents After Dark’

Not a singular ‘discovery’ as such, but if you want to learn about great disco, boogie, soul and house, listen to this. Brewster is a master!

Louis Haines – CTC Contributor

Frankey & Sandrino ‘Acamar’

I’m certainly not the only one, as this was everywhere in the summer, but it was those appearances at regular occasions in all its crescendoing glory, across the festival and club circuit that demanded it be sought out and hammered for all it was worth.

Jamie Ferguson – Music Management & Events

Eli Escobar

I was introduced to the New York local Eli Escobar by our editor Declan and haven’t looked back. With an impressive string of releases in 2015, he looks set to take on cult status next year.

Frank McWeeny – French Toast Radio


Groovalistic Brazilian DJ/Producer duo from Sao Paulo. Saw them closing the Rencontres Trans Musicales festival in my French hometown of Rennes recently. They kept 8,000 festival goers stomping till the very end, me included! Big shoutout to Phillip who invited me to Sao Paulo to party with them.

Leon Clarkson – CTC Contributor


This is so hard as every year is full of discoveries! Dubspeeka, Phon.o, Au Zugen! And SCNTST have all been big musical smacks in my face. I’ll go with the Berlin-based duo LoYoTo, whose track ‘Looking At The Starz’, on Upon You Records, sprung out this year. It’s absolutely brilliant, and in a nutshell, combines a thick low-end rumble, dubby flourishes and a soothing melodic middle section. A genuinely original piece of dancefloor workable music that isn’t shy about doing its thing – because its thing works a goddamn treat!

Chris Salter – Head of Media

Christian Löffler

Firstly apologies, I am clearly late to the table with this one. Regardless, my discovery of the year comes from Ki Records co-founder Christian Löffler. The German producer has developed an intense, deep moving sound that combines both melancholy and euphoria. His second studio album ‘Young Alaska’ blends ambience, clip cropping minimal techno percussion and infectious pop harmonies in the most graceful and emotive way possible. It’s been on constant repeat this year.

Jess Holton – CTC Contributor

Fresh Hex

Melbourne-based up-and-comer has taken the lollipop-style electronic to a whole new level. He shines in his originality, leaving crowds ecstatic to be in the presence of a brand spanking new genre that’s bursting into the forefront – especially in my hometown of Sydney with nights such as Sidechains nurturing this type of local talent.

Jennifer Wallis – CTC Contributor

Steve Reich ‘Nagoya Marimba’ (HNNY Mix)

This is a few years old now but a recent discovery for me. HNNY has worked his magic on this, and that glockenspiel is just mesmerising. Imagine that sound enveloping you when you’ve got four Funktion One speakers directing it at your ears.


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  2.  CTC 2015 | Track of the year - Chase The Compass

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