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Trans Musicales 2015 | FRANK MCWEENY PICKS - Chase The Compass

Trans Musicales 2015 | FRANK MCWEENY PICKS

I haven’t missed a single edition of the Trans Musicales Festival since I was a teenager – it always helps when it’s in your hometown – and have been impressed year in year out. I’ve worked, danced, reported and played there and feel privileged to be invited again this December.


The Rennes festival is in its 37th year(wow!) and there are still as many artists I’ve never heard of on the lineup as always – that’s why I love it! It’s one of those festivals where you just trust in the quality and dive in almost totally blind. No one is there for the headliners – there aren’t any.


Brazil’s exotic disco outfits Fatnotronic and Selvagem closing the shop in two different venues and house producer Alex Stein bringing a slice of groovy & slamming beats. If you’re into more soulful sounds, you’ll be travelling between Germany, Belgium, the USA, South Africa and more with artists including &me, Raving George, Son Little and The Brother Moves On.

France is of course well represented. DJ trio Apollonia are taking over Hall 4 for a whole night, Mawimbi brings his tropical touch in a special live set while Darius sweetens the deal with nu disco flavours. Pete Tong’s recent deep house favourite Worakls will be bringing his full live band and on a darker side, Claude brings his mix of golden age french touch with UK bass addictions and chunky techno specialist The Mekanism.

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It feels like this festival has followed the evolution of my music taste, or maybe there’s always been something for everybody no matter the age or inclinations. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be seeing me busting some moves down front on the left. See you there! In the meantime, here’s a little taster of some of the artists I’m going to be checking out.

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