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CTC STAFF ROOM | Nov 2015 - Chase The Compass


We reached out to our expert writers, editors, friends, bros and sistas to find out what music is making their day this month. As usual it is an exquisite collection of the best in techno, house and disco. Take a listen to the CTC stereo and stick your faves in the comments.

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers – Editor in Chief

“A techno slammer from the king of Detroit, this is one to make your hair blow back. Reminds me of late nights at the office and early mornings in the lounge. Rewind!”

Jennifer Wallis – Contributor

“I love the hypnotic, tribal beat of this track and the dreamy, ethereal vocal. I can imagine being in a club at 4am, flagging with everyone around me. Then this tune comes on and brings everyone back to life.”

Leon Clarkson – Contributor

“Simon Baker releases ‘The Saffron EP’ on his new label BKR Projekt. ‘Ginger’ is hands down my favourite. The low-bubbling bassline and purposeful percussion that just rips along from start to finish. It’s an effortlessly-delivered slice of tech house with techno sensibilities, which I, for one, love!”

Declan McGlynn – Editor

“Boston Bun has long been an under-rated producer on the Ed Banger roster but his collab with Mayer Hawthorne brought him deservedly into the limelight. With Paris sadly shoved onto the world stage recently, ‘Paris Groove’ and its tongue-in-cheek lyrics will always remind me of a city that never stopped dancing.”

Chris Salter – Social Media Manager

“My pick comes from Ki Records co-founder Christian Loeffler. The German producer has developed an intense, deep, moving sound combining melancholy with euphoria. His latest offering is a stripped-down remix of rising techno head Villette. This slow burner is all about warm textures and dreamy melodies.”

Frank McWeeny – French Toast Radio

“I very rarely play techno but this one comes close to the groovy house I love. Very first release on brand new record label Co:Motion based in Shanghai. I played for them last time I was over there and they rock! This one from Canadian/Chinese producer Miiia, daring vocals but suits the vibe.”

Louis Haines – Contributor

“Mano’s back with his new LP, powers undulled, chords and melodies still working in earth shifting harmony. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!”

Jamie Ferguson – Music & Events Manager

“Hoppy sounds of the Lincoln local turn into a sharp, trappy number that appeals to the ears of many. A regular on BBC Radio 1 and a CTC fave from the start – listen back to his CTC mix from last year… Remember the name.”


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