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In our ongoing series Flashbacks 101, we ask industry legends to name some of their favourite flashback tracks from a particular genre. For our first post of 2015, we caught up with UK DJ legend, EDDIE RICHARDS to talk his top tech house tracks of the last two decades. A gun producer as well as DJ, Eddie is set to release a new EP ‘Dream 2/iMove’ in mid Jan on STORM RECORDINGS which fuses his range of eclectic influences, both old and new. Here, we take a trip in a time machine with Ed, for everything you’ll ever need to know about one Britain’s favourite dance genres.

Eddie Richards: Wikipedia: “Tech house is a subgenre of house music that mixes elements of techno with house” and that pretty much sums it up for me. It may have become a genre in its own right but I’ve used it as a convenient term to describe what I have been playing since I started DJing & mixing back in the 80s.

Housey Doings – Brothers In Bump [Grass Green Records] 1994

“Dave Mothersole wrote a nice concise piece about tech house on the DJ History Forum which helps to tell the story and named this tune by House Doings as arguably the first tech house tune!”

51 Days – Squeeze [Touché] 1994

“Over in Holland, Jamez and Dobre were also fusing European house and american techno and founded Touche in 1994. This track by them on the 51 Days – Paper Moon EP was also a contender for the earliest tech house record title. I bought a lot of the releases and featured this one in a recent Discogs MIX.

Nick Holder – U It Is [DNH Records] 1996

“Nick Holder deserves much more recognition in my opinion, he’s made some of my favourite ever tunes in the early 90s and certainly a few tech house classics. ‘Thinking about U’ was my first choice but strangely it’s not available on YouTube nor is the best mix of ‘Erotic Illusions’ but here’s a straight up ruff tune from the EP, ‘Tracks R Us’.”

Pure Science – We Must Feel [ReHab Music] 1996

“Phivos (Phil) Sebastiane and I go back a long way to when my DJ agency dy-na-mix represented him as breakbeat-and-techno artist, The Scientist. Since then, under the moniker of Pure Science he’s been releasing consistently excellent EPs and performing floor-filling two-hour live sets long before many caught on to the idea. Check out his Fabric 05 CD and EPs on PS Communications and ReHab.”

Mood II Swing – Slippery Track [Groove On] 1996

“Production duo Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone made so many great tracks it’s hard to pick just one. In the mid 90s their simple, sparse, deep and driving grooves fitted in perfectly with the vibe I was looking for in my DJ sets.”

16b – Water Ride [Eye Q] 1997

“A beautiful, uplifting, emotional and timeless track which had a huge impact worldwide AND introduced a new audience to the growing electronic music scene. A masterpiece.”

.g – Hands [Basic Recordings] 1998

“Point G may be a new name to some but Parisian born Gregory Darsa AKA DJ Gregorgy has been putting out raw melodic deep tech house since the late ’90s. All of the tracks on the excellent ‘On the Raw Again’ EP are top notch but my pick is the sublime ‘Hands’.”

Isolée – Beau Mot Plage (DJ Q Remix) [Classic] 1999

“In 99’ I was all over this track, its insistent melodic groove worms its way into your head. Re-released in 2011 and still one of my all time favourites.”

Eddie Richards – Crying (Gideon Jackson Mix) [London Housing] 2003

“Of course Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Grant Dell, Daniel Poli Asad Risvi, Mr C et al deserve a mention for making the London tech house ‘sound’ what it is, but it was Gideon Jackson’s tracks that were permanently in my box. I could pick any one of his solo releases or collaborations but this remix of my track ‘Crying’ took it to a different level.”

Mr G – Gettin Hott [Rescue Recordings] 2004

“This man has been around from the beginning, firstly with the KCC Crew and then as part of the techno duo The Advent, but it’s his “soulful, twisted low-end funk” output on his own label Phoneix G that grabbed me. He turned out a stormer for the boys at Rescue.”

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