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With a combined background in classical music, hip hop production and illegal raves, UK production duo GotSome’s pick of five faves currently on rotation is a varied one. Emotive vocals, heavy beats and stripped-back grooves all feature, making it a solid selection from the Radio 1 and Defected favourites.

There’s something for every section of the night, highlighting the duo’s experience and exquisite tastes. Get involved below and visit their Facebook page to find out where they’re playing next.

Redlight ‘Lion Jungle’ [Lobster Boy]
“Redlight coming through with another cross-genre banger. This one’s all about the massive kick drum that pounds out on a big system. We’ve heard a few of the tracks from his upcoming album and it’s gonna be massive!”

Jax Jones ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ (GotSome Remix) [Polydor]
“This is our take on Jax Jones’ summer anthem, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’. We wanted to keep the sense of fun in the vocal, but give the beat a bit more of a heavy, carnival feel. We’re really pleased with how the groove came out and the way the drums bounce off of the vocal.”

Melé ‘Ambience’ [Lobster Boy]
“Simple, but so effective. Melé brings his signature raw percussion sound that works a treat on the dancefloor, especially the section that drops down around 2:40 to just vocal and cowbell; that’s an invitation for any DJ to get stuck in on the FX! It’s also a pleasure to mix as the percussion in the outro easily rolls into whatever you throw at it.”

GotSome ‘Don’t Stop’
“Another track of ours but an unreleased one that we’ve been playing in our sets for a while. We’d describe it as Leftfield’s ‘Phat Planet’ meets Dirtybird! The middle drop down section sounds especially huge on a big system. It’s also had great support from Monki and has been a staple part of her DJ sets over the last few months.”

Adesse Versions ‘Pride’ [Numbers]
“This track can provide a really nice contrast in the midst of a more energetic set. The combination of dark piano, sparse drums and classic vocal give it an instantly recognisable sound on the dancefloor and it’s a good little atmospheric roller that worms its way in to your head.”


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