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We fingered through Aussie native, Annie Mac-fave and Exploited Recs darling Light Year’s Rekordbox to find five tracks he doesn’t leave home without.

Kornel Kovacs ‘Pantalon’ [Numbers]
“This is the first I’ve heard of Kornel Kovacs. The first three tracks from this EP are pretty cool but for me it is all about ‘Pantalón’. It’s such a ridiculously infectious and fun record. Plus, any track talking about pants in Spanish equals a winner for me. I’ve been playing this at the end of my sets recently or starting with it to just completely flip the vibe on the person who was playing before me. Try and wipe the smile off your face after playing this one.”

Percussions ‘2011 until 2014’ [Text Records]
“So I played EDC Las Vegas this year. When I was walking around the festival it was a complete sensory overload of maximum proportions. After the festival I was driving back to LA with a friend of mine. We both had the bright idea of putting this album on as I’ve always liked Four Tet’s original material and was curious to see what this was all about. After taking in some seriously intense music over the weekend, this record was so refreshing. The tracks are drawn out, without gimmicks and at least three or four of these could fit into any DJ set.”

The Working Elite ‘Freedom’ (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Terre Des Pommes]
“Tuff City Kids have been responsible for many of my favorite remixes recently. The sounds they use are always well selected, generally consisting of [Roland TR-] 707 or 808 drums crunched to perfection and some tightly sequenced acid. This one throws in the joyous [Korg] M1 piano so the rushing feeling of nostalgia is almost too much to bare… almost.”

DJ Koze ‘XTC’ [Pampa Records]
“I have a soft spot for Koze. I love his kookiness; it’s endearing. Sometimes electronic music gets a little too snooty and even though it could be argued Koze makes snooty electronic music, he doesn’t act all snooty about it. He has a real talent for squeezing just the right amount of emotion into a house record without it coming across forced or lame. If you’re in need of something a little more ‘peak-time’ the flip ‘Knee On Belly’ will have you well covered. Long live Koze!”

Thundercat ‘Them Changes’ [Brainfeeder]
“I had to put one curveball in here. Thundercat was one of the collaborators on Kendrick Lamar’s polarising sophomore record and I have been following him for a minute. This track instantly had my attention. I’m a sucker for G-Funk bass lines and that Isley Brothers break is a classic groove, but it’s Thundercat’s vocals that really transport it from another derivative G-Funk record into a unique song. It’s impossible to sit or stand still when this comes out of the speakers!”


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