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CTC TALKS | MOTEZ - Chase The Compass


CTC favourite and Australian DJ hero, MOTEZ is set to make his debut in the UK tonight, as part of Shut The Front Door’s whopping tropical line-up at Brixton Jamm. CTC got the chance to catch up with Motez for a quick chat before his gig with the STFD crew, to see what’s been cracking since we last spoke to him.

Shut The Front Door with Satin Jackets (Live), Moullinex b2b Xinobi and Motez plus the House of Disco DJs kicks off tonight at Brixton Jamm, London. Tickets here.

Hi Motez! You were one of the first people we ever interviewed on CTC back in late 2013. Tell us what’s happened since then, things seem to have really taken off for you… Hey CTC, great to speak to you again, yeah I definitely remember that. Wow time has changed lots of things, for starters my beard is a lot more prominent now but cannot say that my coffee habits have changed one bit! Also, toured and travelled to lots of places in this beautiful globe doing what I do for a living, it’s been splendid.

“I love jamming to Jamiroquai, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Radiohead in my spare time and I get lots of chord inspiration from there.”

‘Promise Me’ is one of the tracks that really thrust you in to the limelight last year, can you talk to us a little bit about where you draw inspiration from when you’re making music? Thank you, I take inspiration from lots and lots of things, musically I don’t tend to draw inspiration from dance music, I feel like if I do I’ll end up sounding the same like everybody else, who would ever want to do that? I try to aim higher and go to left-of-field kind of music. I love jamming to Jamiroquai, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Radiohead in my spare time and I get lots of chord inspiration from there.

Who are some of your biggest production idols? Oh man, so many, Boards of Canada are my number one idols overall, not only from a production perspective but the way to look at music, I love the way they see it as a very abstract object, no rules and no inhibitions. Others like Jean-Michel Jarre, Touch Sensitive, Todd Terje, Little Dragon and Justin Martin have influenced my production style a fair bit. Even people like Chesus and Gerd have made me think in a more minimal sort of way. It’s like each one of them gave me inspiration in a completely different way.

Out of all the originals and remixes you’ve created over the last few years, which one are you most proud of? Hard to say, as other artists say: “They’re all like my kids, I can’t pick a favorite”. But for argument’s sake I would say my Sam Smith remix, I’m very proud of it because I have put a good time in making it, I don’t usually make music in a deliberate way but rather more spontaneous, however in my Sam Smith remix I did do a lot of things on purpose, it’s like I’ve put all my “tricks” in there. Plus he won and four Grammies and that makes me very happy because he has worked very hard.

What can we expect from you music wise in 2015? Well, I’ve got A LOT of new music ready to go it’s just a matter of making sure we got all grounds covered over the year and releasing the right music at the right time in the right way. You won’t be disappointed


You’re a total hero in the Australian dance scene, can you tell us some new Aussie acts we should be on the look out for this year? Thank you, I’m very very proud of that, there are many acts that are doing some amazing stuff, hard to pin point who exactly but people like Anna Lunoe, Indian Summer, Poolclvb, Mic Mills, Alison Wonderland and many others who are doing us proud.

The Australian electronic scene is quite unique and definitely has its own particular sound and vibe. What do you think makes it so special? I think it’s just fresh music, we’re a loud and happy bunch and I think that translates itself across to music, I feel the difference when I play in gigs in America or even the gig I did in Dublin a few days ago, I was like “alright people, I know you love your dark music but I want to just bring a little ray of sunshine and smiles to this place” and it worked.

You’re about to play the Shut The Front Door event in London, what tracks can we expect from you on the dance floor? I am not sure, I usually see what the vibe is like and go from there, expect lots of pianos and positive vibes, I don’t go to gigs with a particular set, the lack of preconceptions excites me.

Finally, if you had a magic compass that could take you anywhere in the world at any time in history, where would you pick and why? I would say at a time in the future where we get to land and explore an exoplanet for the first time.

CTC. x

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