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LONE | A LOOK BACK - Chase The Compass




Since 2007, Manchester based producer Matt Cutler aka LONE has been injecting a much appreciated dose of choppy, hip-hop infused electronica into the UK’s “deep house” saturated dance music market. Constantly challenging critics and listeners alike, his much anticipated fifth LP offering “Reality Testing” is set for worldwide release on Monday, so we thought this no better time to take a look back at the producer’s finest moments thus far.


A bass heavy, hip-hop inflected cut from his full length debut “Lemurian”, this track is the highlight from a plethora of perfectly produced originals, which hint at the themes and textures that would become staples of Lone’s signature sound. At first sounding cluttered, and dare we say it, a little abrasive, the track slowly settles in to a pleasurable groove – making Borea a serene introduction for the uninitiated.


Lilting, escapist and just plain lovely, there’s really nothing not to like about this haunting piece of ambient hip-hop from Lone’s second album, “Ecstasy and friends”. As the title of the LP suggests, its all about melty chord progressions and warm and fuzzy grooves, this is an LP to lose yourself in.


Claiming to have been “influenced by nothing,” the mishmash of tribal percussion and dreamy vocals present on Lone’s widely acclaimed “Galaxy Garden” conjure up visions of sun-drenched vistas, showcasing a producer who’s not afraid to dabble in the experimental. It’s quirky, a little frenetic and we’re totally in love with it!


Released back in July of 2012, the first track from Lone’s most recent EP effort “Airglow Fires”, is a pleasant explosion of vibrant synthesizers and high-strung percussion. The track ebbs and flows in a wonderfully lazy fashion, before dissolving in to a boppy crescendo of irresistible hip-hop proportions.

Lone’s new album “Reality Testing” is out on Monday.

Stream it in full now on THUMP.

CTC. x


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