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CTC TALKS | DOORLY SAYS HI - Chase The Compass



Flitting between Croatia, Ibiza and er, Iceland over the next month, there’s no doubt turntable master and long standing house DJ, DOORLY is in demand. Revered for his impressive live sets and well known from his stint as an Ibiza Rocks resident, Doorly has come leaps and bounds in the last 12 months, relocating to sunny LA and starting to produce his own music. Still insisting he is first and foremost a DJ, we sat down with Doorly to talk about his new and highly infectious “The Boom Boom Room” EP series, plus his plans for the summer, his new TOOLROOM Knights compilation and how to make hands-in-the-air House.

Charlotte: Hey Doorly! You’ve just dropped your 3rd EP as part of “The Boom Boom Room” series. Can you tell us a little about the series and how it came about? Doorly: I moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago and set up my new studio “The Boom Boom Room” and at the same time Toolroom asked me for a full EP for them so we thought this would be a nice start to a series of music inspired by my new life in the sunshine. I definitely feel like since I moved there my music has taken on a happier, more groovy state and hopefully you can hear that in the EP series.

The latest edition to the series is made up of two tracks “Ladies Night” and “Thunder Clap” both of which are clearly designed for the dance floor. Do you always set out to create hands-in-the-air club tracks or do they evolve naturally? What’s your creative process? Yeah basically I’m always going to be a DJ first and then a producer that makes music so that I can be DJing more and at better and better places so everything I make is for the dance floor. I can’t see that changing. I’ve been digging around in a lot of live show recordings recently to find those killer crowd moments and interactions from the stage to bring that into my music.


You’re latest EP has garnered support from legends including Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim and Groove Armada. With such a fruitful career thus far, who are the artists that continue to inspire you? Who have you been consistently loyal to? All of the above continue to inspire me, and it never gets old when one of your heroes plays something you’ve made, trust me! Cajmere has been one of my biggest musical inspirations over the years and its just incredible that I’m also working on music with him right now as well as a few other heroes including DJ Pierre & Switch!

You’ve got a pretty incredible rap sheet having been a resident at London’s Ministry of Sound, playing in Ibiza’s super clubs and manning the helm for some impressive live performances with a mind blowing tech set up. Tell us a little bit about your journey to this point? Significant career highlights or pitfalls? Like I said I’ve always been a DJ first and foremost so it’s crucial to me that the performance is memorable. I recorded my first of 2 Radio1 essential mixes before I had even made a track, purely from my reputation as a DJ and it’s been an incredible journey since then! Being taken on as Ibiza Rocks resident 8 years ago was a major moment for me and helped me really secure my own space on the Island and then obviously when I finally got round to making music 8 years into my DJ career it all clicked into place. Everyday I kick myself that I didn’t start earlier, and didn’t do a music production degree instead of my useless English degree! But everything happens for a reason and here I am!

Aside from “The Boom Boom Room” EP’s, what are some of your top club tracks at the moment? What can we expect to hear you blasting out in a set over the next few months? Right now is a great time for music; House music is back at the forefront so there’s so much great stuff coming through. Way too many to name but my new Toolroom Knights album is a window into my DJ sets right now.

Speaking of upcoming sets, what’s on your schedule for summer 2014? Where can we catch you play and any plans to visit London? Yep very busy indeed, I’ve relocated from Los Angeles to Ibiza for the summer where you can catch me every Monday at our new Party at Pacha with some serious legends on the line up trust me! And then every Friday at Ibiza rocks for the W.A.R parties, which is our rapidly developing electronic version of our Ibiza Rocks parties. Loads of festivals and 2 shows in London so far. 5th July for Key of Life at Fire in Vauxhall with Todd Terry & German Brigante and then 16th August at Ministry of Sound.


And finally, if you had a magic compass that could take you anywhere in the world, at any time in history, where would you pick and why? Back to myself in high school and tell myself don’t worry about finishing your homework because later in life you will find a magic compass so all is going to be very good from that point on!

Doorly’s new album TOOLROOM KNIGHTS MIXED BY DOORLY is out next Monday, June 9. PRE ORDER HERE. 

CTC. x

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