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A self proclaimed creator of things warm, deep and whomphy, COPY PASTE SOUL is a producer and DJ of undeniable skill. Following much-lauded releases on labels like Exploited and Audiojack’s imprint, Gruuv, CPS is set to turn his hand to a new project this summer, in the form of his soon to be relaunched label, 2Swords. Riding high from his just released “Monday” EP (stream below) which has garnered acclaimed from House heavy weights including HUXLEY, BEN PEARCE and ART DEPARTMENT, and with 2Swords primed to be every London bass lovers new favourite underground imprint, it seems like a pretty good time to be Copy Paste Soul. On the brink of what’s set to be a truly stellar year for the DJ come label boss, CTC editor Charlotte sat down with CPS to talk acronyms, future plans and magic compasses.

Charlotte: First up, Copy Paste Soul is a fairly unusual name, what’s the meaning behind it? CPS: To be honest there’s not a huge meaning behind it. I guess the Soul element is the main part, as I believe all good music should have some  sort of soul. Doesn’t matter if that’s deep music or nosebleed techno. When making music you put something of yourself into it so it’s covering that aspect I guess. The Copy Paste bit was just me looking at my keyboard and seeing those words! Simples!

You’re just about to relaunch your label, 2Swords, why have you chosen to do this now? What can we expect from the new 2Swords incarnation? 2Swords is where the whole CPS project started. I’d recently completed an album under a different alias and was just bored with where I was creatively at the time. I had some new music that was different and created a name for it. I didn’t want to muck around with labels so I just created 2swords to put it out. I got an instant reaction from a lot of people. I then signed to Exploited and Gruuv for a bunch of singles in the last year, but now I want more control again of the schedule and the output. So it’s just the right time for me to use it as a platform again.

What style of music can we expect to hear out of 2Swords? Any new up coming releases or artists you’d like to tell us about? Well I don’t have too many rules. The first EP is in a similar vein to some CPS stuff, one has some more balls and one has some pat warmth. I’ve made music across the board of late so you can expect to hear some 80’s tinged disco cuts, some more techno’y stuff and certainly some breaky/drum and bass stuff at some point. I don’t want to throw people, but I want to express my music as I feel, so we’ll work carefully on putting together high quality and meaningful EP’s. I’ll certainly be looking to release material from other artist’s on the imprint later in the year, but as yet i’m not sure who that’ll be.

Speaking of music labels, what artists and labels do you look to for inspiration when it comes to the business side of music? What imprints do you think have been doing particularly well? For me some of the best-run labels I’ve been inspired by are from the Drum & Bass scene. Labels like Hospital, Good Looking and Metalheadz they all seem to be really on their game now. Great music and artwork, killer parties and a mix of old and new artists. Moving their artist’s music into wider forums is also very inspiring. I just want to start my label with some good plans and good music and see where it develops from there. One step at a time!

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What appeals to you most? Label boss? DJ? Producer? How do you think you’ll juggle all three moving forward? I like all aspects. I love being in my studio creating and the extension of that is playing those creations loud to smiley faces. The label side is just another part in that flow and another area that I can have more say and control over to fit with what I want to be doing.

You’ve just dropped your new EP “Monday” on Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint; tell us a little about the story behind this EP? It’s an absolute belter, we love it!! Thanks! I made some of these cuts at the end of last summer. There’s a fusion of stuff going on with some deepness, some choppy drums and some big bass moments. I think there’s some real soul in the EP and I think each track stands up. I love the groove especially on the bassline on Monday, slightly Thrilleresque dare I say, really glad Audiojack hooked their remix around that part too – they did a great job!

What’s next for you release wise, have you got any new tracks in the pipeline and will you be releasing music solely on your own imprint from now on? I have a lot of music sitting here. The next couple of EP’s I think will be from me on 2swords. I want to set it out in the right way, so I need to decide which tracks will make up the second EP at the moment. I’ll be releasing a lot of my new material on it, but it won’t just be there. It’s always about deciding on what opportunities present themselves and which one allows you to get your music out there in the best way to the people that want to hear it. I’m always open for offers!

Finally, if you had a magic compass that could take you to any time in history, any where in the world, where would you go and why? Mmmm…I think maybe I’d go to Tokyo in the 80’s. Just imagine the madness of the tech then with all those synths in their prime! Producer heaven. Plus it’s an amazing place with amazing people and food! Take me there now!!!!!


CTC. x


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