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Established London party brand, Orlando Boom is set to once again take over east end party haunt, The Queen of Hoxton tomorrow, offering fans an extra special edition of their much-loved monthly residency. The brainchild of promoter and DJ Alex Warren, Saturday’s event will mark the Boom brand’s 5th birthday celebration, offering guests a selection of premier electronic acts across the Queen’s three floors. As well as the usual “house party style” fanfare for which the monthly knees-up is famed, CTC’s very own Giaco Bridgett aka “Joey Remote” will be spinning some fresh cuts at the event, making this one shindig you don’t want to miss!

In the wake of what’s set to be one hell of a party, Giaco sat down with Orlando Boom organiser Henry Fry to talk party promoting, difficult DJ demands and his favourite Orlando Boom anthems.

GIACO: When did Orlando Boom start for you?

HENRY: So… the 1st one I went to was the 2nd birthday. Justin Robertson was playing and I actually remember liking the residence stuff more than him! I dunno, he was good! But yeah, we were quite young. And Alex (Warren – Orlando Boom founder aka Kiwi) was playing hard techno at the time. And I guess it was… the environment was a lot younger. I was working with him (Alex) after two more parties.

I did a couple of my own parties first though called Good Hair, never busy cos it always fell on a day over that three year period where it was always torrential fucking rain in this rubbish little pub opposite my flat in Whitechapel. It was always good. The 1st night, I did this psych’ set and made this couple fall asleep on the sofa. I am still really proud of it ha!

And then Boom kicked in. Favourite bookings?

I suppose it would be Erol (Alkan). One in particular, just a secret show this one, we announced it on Twitter a couple of hours before. It was mental, it was just after Field Day, he’d done something like 4 festivals in 2 days. He was really on form that night… he should probably sleep less! We had to have a bouncer by the booth for him. It was the craziest one I’ve ever done and it was different seeing him in the Queen of Hoxton compared to other bigger venues I’d seen him in like at Durrr. There was a thread on Erol Alkan Forum that went on for weeks.

You and Alex must be constantly fighting off (booking) agents offering acts?

We just book the acts we love. That’s literally it. Also who we can afford, and then who actually wants to do it. We’ve had a few offers and we have to turn a few people down but that’s fine, I guess everyone’s charging far too much… it’s annoying!

Epic moments?

There’s a few. The 1st one that springs to mind is our first birthday, we were really worried about it the whole time, we really didn’t think it would sell, we just… it was a really big horrible vibe in the room, it went well by the end and we played the dub of “Don’t You Wont Me Baby” by the Human League and I don’t know how everyone in the room knew what it was, cos it (the instrumental) doens’t sound anything like the vocal version, but every single person knew every single word. It was amazing. Right from the get go…

We also did this Justice after party and we had like Busy P, DVNO and So Me b2b before us and then we came on thinking everyone would leave, but they stayed and we played an old electroclash set. Loved it. They basically had to do a lock in because 2000 kids wouldn’t leave, having a massive sing along. Those two nights happened very close together. It was a good couple of months.


Any disasters?

There is a DJ who will remain anonymous. He demanded to use the green room which we never use with his two friends, asking for a bottle of champagne that wasn’t on the rider… he was well behaved after that. Apart from that, everyone else is quite nice!

And you’re nurturing talent?

Oh yeah always! William Earl – he helps out and spins a few tunes. Apart from that… you bring in as many people as you think you need to play but I don’t want some little shit who thinks he’s great and plays whatever…
I guess there’s this little scene that doesn’t have a name at the moment – (Dan) Avery’s involved, people like Andrew Wetheral, Justin Roberston and a few more are just coming into it. Eskimo twins too. People who have kept credibility through all the noisy stuff! I guess there is a family as such but what with Twitter now we don’t all have to know eachother personally.

Lastly, let’s wet the appetite, what are the biggest tracks in your crate that you’ll dust off for tomorrow?

Charles B & Aodnis – Lack of Love

Hot Chip – Boy From School (Erol Alkan extended edit)

Blur – Music Is My Radar

Prince – Erotic City Housequake

…and because we closed Barabarellas in Croatia last year with this…
Sister Sledge – Lost In Music

I also have been playing a LOT of Dolly Parton recently….

Get down to the Orlando Boom 5th Birthday bash tomorrow, Saturday the 5th of April, at the Queen of Hoxton.

You can find them on Facebook here.




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