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BRILLSTEIN | BACK TO BED - Chase The Compass




House music has never really lent itself to the album domain like other genres, so a far better idea – in my opinion at least – is to gather a mound of club ready tracks and put them together. On Back To Bed, LA producer Mike Brillstein does exactly this thanks to a delectable but potent series of cuts which arrives on our desk courtesy of JESSIE ROSE‘s always on-point PLAY IT DOWN imprint.

There’s a raft of different sounds involved too, and with six tracks on show here, there’s something for house music fans of all persuasions. While the influences are obvious, what’s interesting is how Brillstein twists them in a manner that’s very made to play; ie. they’re basking in a dancefloor-ready glow, and they’re sure to make you take notice too. After all, does Rose & co. know any other way of working?

”Ode 2 Da Nude” is an impressive calling card, and thanks to its pure, unadulterated dancefloor gumption, it’s the sort of weapon which could easily have found a place on Rose’s own LP. ”Je T’adore” is gradually more pitched-back; a silky smooth ride to the depths of deep house which its name alludes to. ”It Is Sew” is all about the pummeling drums and swirling synths – and the vocal does a fair bit of proverbial damage for that matter too.

”Jaw Like Shabba” sees the producer up the ante a bit, while ”Environmental Produce” sounds as if it’s taken inspiration from a Chic production, it’s so damn funky. As you might have guessed, the bass guitar works wonders here, and Brillstein’s handling of the latter with a 4/4 beat is precisely the sort of wondrous move which doubtless enamoured him to Mr.Rose in the first place.

”Meelo My Bro” is a more ominous, loop-driven cut; the type of number which could well have found a place on Cocoon or Cecille in the late ’00s. Utterly relentless but packing a sure fire punch, it shimmies and sways with an elegance that brings us to a most worthy conclusion.

Brillstein’s Back To Bed Mini Album is out now.

CTC. x

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