Monday Morning Sounds Like | Jarell Perry with Awkward

jarell art

At the risk of a backlash from absolutely everyone who reads this blog (open minds people, open minds,) I’ve decided to welcome in the new working week with a track from LA native and singer extraordinaire, Jarell Perry. At its core, this sound is undeniably R&B, think the sexy slow jamz and well constructed harmonies of Boyz II Men, sans the matching ensembles, nineties eyewear and white doves, but for once I actually like the little electronic flavour the producer has added to what could have been another boring ballad about breaking up. And yes, it’s a pop melody paradise which the electronic purist part of me wants to hate on principle, but at least this particular pop is palatable, even beautiful.

Check out Simple Things EP which features some soulful melodies, soothing backbeats and cuttingly truthful commentary about the endless pursuit of just trying to find someone to put up with you.

CTC xx

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