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Disclaimer: If you’re sensitive to profanities or you’re under the age of sixteen you should look away now. Hooray it’s Friday, time to down numerous vodka-based beverages, face mash some Chicken Cottage or any other health destroying substance of your choice, and listen to some serious tunes of the foot-tappin variety. Yep, it’s time to get royally fucked up (or just moderately fucked, or slightly, or not at all, whatevs peer pressure is so not cool) so here’s a Friday night itinerary of mixes to make your face melt. Also, if you are actually under the age of sixteen and reading this blog, snaps to you. Can I adopt you?

The Friday Night Opener Sounds Like | French Kiwi Juice with Paradisco Minimix VII
In my humble yet experienced opinion, the best way to warm up for a big one is with a chilled fizzy bev and some sexy french house, because I like to momentarily flirt with the notion that I’m sophisticated, and no one does it better than the boys over at Paradisco. Personal favourite of the moment is this petite 10 minute minimix by French Kiwi Juice, however you can pretty much pick any one you like from a huge selection featuring Knight One, RubixL’Étranger and more. 
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Friday Night 11pm Sounds Like | Devolution with Guest Mix Mista Jam on BBC Radio1
I rarely listen to the radio, mainly because the constant reoccurrence of Nikki Minaj makes me a danger to society, but I always stream Mista Jam‘s weekly show on BBC Radio 1. This guest mix by DEVolution is just as good as you’d expect from DJ duo Pete Devereux and Tom Devos and is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever heard on commercial radio. 
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Friday Night 1am Sounds Like | Adriatique with February Diynamic Radioshow
It’s impossible not to smile when listening to the opening track on this set from Swiss production wizards Adriatique and the big tunes just keep on rolling. And like seriously, who doesn’t love a little euphoric jazz piano at 2am on a Friday night? Give someone a cuddle, this is feel good at its best. 
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Friday Night 3am Sounds Like | Eric Prydz with Essential Mix Feb 2013
Prydz. A dance music icon and giant of the industry, if this doesn’t get you reaching for the lasers nothing will. 
The Friday Night Closer Sounds Like | Deadmau5 with Strobe
I know what you’re thinking? Deadmau5? really? Okay, so I’ll admit that his constant barrage of preachy twitter updates does make me want to punch things on the reg, his ongoing endorsement of the EDM phenomenon has been a catalyst for one of the worst music movements in history, and that fight with Madonna over the use of the term ‘Mandy’ was perhaps the most cringe worthy thing to happen to dance music. Ever. But when it’s 5am and you’re feeling fragile and a little nostalgic, Strobe will take you to a place far far away from tomorrow’s impending hangover. 

Play safe!

CTC xx

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