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Friday Eve. It gets me every time. The tantalising thought that the weekend is almost here, the notion that I only have to struggle through one more day of work, and the fact that most people in my office are already mentally at home, on the couch, eating Pringles and watching Take Me Out by 11am on Friday. So for all you over achievers out there who are presently experiencing a pre-weekend hangover (good on you, that’s the party spirit!) CTC gives you Mixes for the Mentally Mushy featuring the dulcet tones of Satin Jackets, Cyril Hahn, FKJ, Kink, Timo Jahns, and Soul Minority plus some forgotten gems from the archives. So hit play for a selection of inoffensive electronic music, not only guaranteed to sooth that ongoing sense of nausea (does your hair smell like cigarettes? thought so,) but also the pain of last night’s regrets. Flashbacks are not your friend. God speed.

CTC xx

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