Tuesday Lunch Sounds Like | Moonlight Matters with Vibes Mix

This vibes mix takes a little while to build up steam, kind of like me every single weekday morning of my entire life, and features a host of  lovely chilled out tunes including a Planet Caravan remix from ambient set regulars and LA homeboys Poolside. The masterful drop of Jessie Ware’s Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix) signals a welcome change in pace however, with an elevation in sound density and the introduction of some streamlined bass beats and lovely lazer pops.

Belgian Producer Moonlight Matters aka Sebastiaan Vandevoorde has been a steady favourite of mine from way back and truly sealed my fan status with his set at Tomorrowland 2012. Despite the fact I ended up at the stage alone, as I not only have terrible map reading skills but also a tendency to loose my phone at the most inconvenient times possible, there was some pretty ferocious arm flailing going down through out the entire set (co-ordinated movement is not my strong point) which obviously means I was having a really good time.

CTC xx

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