Monday Evening Sounds Like | Deejays Who Really Like Ducks

Today on ChasetheCompass we’re talking about ducks. Yes, ducks. It has recently come to my attention that super fun synth sounds and deejays with the word duck in the title go together about as good as Vegemite and avocado on toast, fyi if you haven’t ever tried this combo before you’ve truly never lived. Usually I’m against posting multiple tracks in one go on this site however this uncanny coincidence deserves to be broadcast so I’m making an exception. Enjoy.

Bonus is all of these records are accompanied by smashing music videos, however if you have a weak stomach maybe turn off Duck Duck Punch at the 3:30 mark as it kind of reminds me of some sanitised disco version of two girls one cup. Duck Sauce and Peking Duk are both thankfully pretty vom free.

CTC xx

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