H&M aren’t just about clothes. The retail giant has also expanded into events, hosting a series of uber cool parties in the capital this month, with the help of music site Noisey and a croft of underground party promoters. CTC was lucky enough to nab an invite to H&M’s pop shop last week, with music supplied by the Shorebitch DJs.

As we turn the corner into East London’s famous Brick Lane, we can already hear the music blaring from inside H&M’s specially designed pop up. Our names are quickly checked off the guest list as we’re ushered inside, the space is white, minimalist and airy, as it spreads easily across two levels. We’re soon jamming to the sounds of the Shorebitch DJs — an East London party collective who regularly takeover at Dalston rave cave, The Nest — as we browse a host of stylish monochrome garms.

It’s an eclectic tune selection from the Shorebitch crew — think old school R&B jams from Ashanti, J Lo and Ja Rule (“What’s loveee? Got to do, got to do, with it..”), plus some new cuts from Kanye and Jay Z. The crowd are suitably cool and trendy, there’s plenty of babes rocking bindis and crop tops, plus flocks of fellas in patterned button-ups and leather loafers. We scoff down some tasty elderflower cocktails and pose for a cute polaroid (above), before boogieing about the clothes racks for over an hour.

Want to check out the H&M pop up for yourself? You can get yourself to one of H&M’s sweet Thursday night knees up, there’s two more to go before the event series wraps up. You can head to Margarita Louca’s party next Thursday 27th August and Rough Trade on 2nd November.

For more information, click here.


With a combined background in classical music, hip hop production and illegal raves, UK production duo GotSome’s pick of five faves currently on rotation is a varied one. Emotive vocals, heavy beats and stripped-back grooves all feature, making it a solid selection from the Radio 1 and Defected favourites.

There’s something for every section of the night, highlighting the duo’s experience and exquisite tastes. Get involved below and visit their Facebook page to find out where they’re playing next.

Redlight ‘Lion Jungle’ [Lobster Boy]
“Redlight coming through with another cross-genre banger. This one’s all about the massive kick drum that pounds out on a big system. We’ve heard a few of the tracks from his upcoming album and it’s gonna be massive!”

Jax Jones ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ (GotSome Remix) [Polydor]
“This is our take on Jax Jones’ summer anthem, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’. We wanted to keep the sense of fun in the vocal, but give the beat a bit more of a heavy, carnival feel. We’re really pleased with how the groove came out and the way the drums bounce off of the vocal.”

Melé ‘Ambience’ [Lobster Boy]
“Simple, but so effective. Melé brings his signature raw percussion sound that works a treat on the dancefloor, especially the section that drops down around 2:40 to just vocal and cowbell; that’s an invitation for any DJ to get stuck in on the FX! It’s also a pleasure to mix as the percussion in the outro easily rolls into whatever you throw at it.”

GotSome ‘Don’t Stop’
“Another track of ours but an unreleased one that we’ve been playing in our sets for a while. We’d describe it as Leftfield’s ‘Phat Planet’ meets Dirtybird! The middle drop down section sounds especially huge on a big system. It’s also had great support from Monki and has been a staple part of her DJ sets over the last few months.”

Adesse Versions ‘Pride’ [Numbers]
“This track can provide a really nice contrast in the midst of a more energetic set. The combination of dark piano, sparse drums and classic vocal give it an instantly recognisable sound on the dancefloor and it’s a good little atmospheric roller that worms its way in to your head.”



Imagine a pendulum casually swinging between Room 1 and Room 2. Room 1’s hinted melodies, vocal refrains and airy arrangements blend perfectly in sync with Room 2’s darker, deeper and more tribal reputation. Some DJs specialise in one, some in the other, while an arguably perfect set is one that wanders seamlessly between the two, never lingering or recurring.

Greg Pidock’s title track for his new EP ‘Sunlight’ does just that, see-sawing between a deeper layer and a lighter surface, coming up for air with an arpeggiated bell and chanted vocal sample. It’s a testament to Pidock’s talent that he can seamlessly straddle both – an elusive quality among producers and DJs.


The testament’s don’t end there though – Inxec’s experience means he can confidently strip back ‘Sunlight’ to its bare bones, intensifying the groove, and with careful chops and effects, turn the vocal from something celebratory to something more menacing. The result is a track that knows its role as a Room 2 highlight; a tight, controlled mix with an ever-evolving arrangement.

There are subtle throwback references too, with bitcrush effects resurrecting hardware samplers like the Akai S-Series and E-mu SP1200, eventually swallowing the track as it comes to an end.

The two talents at play here are a great example of the importance of confidence in a production. Knowing a track’s role and announcing it with assurance goes a long way to a full dancefloor and both Pidock and Inxec have nailed it – and we’re thrilled to have the exclusive. Get involved.

Out August 17th on Akbal Music


Everyone loves a free party on a school night, right? Well, H&M have just answered all our collective prayers for slamming tunes and superb shopping in Shoreditch after dark, with their new pop shop event at The Old Truman Brewery.

There’s four parties left until the start of September with tunes from NTS Radio, Noisey and more, but we’re vibing next week’s session on Thursday 20th of August when our pals from rave crew Shorebitch are set to spin. There’s also loads of sweet H&M garms to shop whilst you boogie, and there’ll be a bar in case you get thirsty from all the shopping. Low on coin? There’s also the chance to win a £200 gift voucher from the good peeps at H&M, with the party set to run from 7 – 9pm.

Sound good? Hell yeah! Sign up to get on the guest list with a +1 here and you’ll receive an email with the details. We’ll be there too, so if you see us, be sure to give us a wave!

You can find the H&M pop-up store at The Old Truman Brewery Unit 8 Dray Walk, London E1 6QL, open 11am-7pm every day from the 23rd of July until the 2nd September.


August 11, 2015

french tpast

CTC resident Frank McWeeny’s French Toast Radio was already a global phenomenon before we were lucky enough to squeeze our way in to be part of the show. Now in our fourth episode, CTC Does French Toast’s exquisite convo and flawless links are only exceeded by even higher quality disco-dipped house. We’ve also got updates on our London events, our recent travels and some exclusive tracks along the way.

Listen below and talk to us on twitter: @chasethecompass @jfergie22 @ccijffers @frankmcweeny

Ron Basejam ‘When I Hear That Music’
Chrissy Edits ‘Change Of Mind’
Cassio Kohl ‘Come Together’
Andhim ‘Boy Boy Boy’ (Club edit)
Catz ‘n Dogs ‘I Can Do Anything’
Kartell ‘Attracted’
Pools ‘Tubin” (DJ Vas remix)
Bodhi ‘Haute’
Mark E ‘RnB Junkie’
Man Without A Clue ‘Morning’ (Funk mix)
Mendoza ‘Houdini’ (Steve Lawler remix)
Acid Love ‘The Mekanism’
Aaron Soul & Terry Brookes ‘City Life’ (Carl Craig’s Caya D)
Set Mo ‘White Dress’ (Wookie remix)
Masters At Work ‘Backfired’ (Joey Negro club mix)
Bileo ‘You Can Win’


Native Instruments Stems

After a rather considered build up, Native Instruments have launched their new Stems audio format in full. The new line of Traktor controllers are all ‘Stems ready’, and the digital music market now has its first batch of tracks that are split into the multi-channel audio format, selling through various outlets including Beatport, Juno, and Traxsource.

Packaged as an MP4 file, the track is split into four ‘stems’ – bass, melody, vocals and drums, for example – and each can be manipulated independently in the booth.

Along with the launch, German DJ NGHT DRPS has released three new Stems enabled tracks available for free download HERE.

‘Velvet’, ‘Silk’, and the former’s trap edit are bundled to provide new users with a steady base on which to establish their Stems experimentation, but also stand as an interesting break from the DJ’s normal, dubby sound. ‘Velvet’ opens with classic breaks, before layering equally old-school synth stabs and garage-style vocal samples.


Keeping it throwback, ‘Silk’ is reminiscent of some early grime beats, although keeps the production far cleaner. Finally, ‘Silk”s trap edit is likely a nod to any aspiring hip hop producers that might be keen to try the new format. This version introduces a spacier, resonant sound, but keeps it fairly close to the original.

Will Stems be the live performance revolution it’s billed as, or is this just another entry in the long catalogue of attempts to diversify music revenue streams? Only time will tell.


Copy Paste Soul

With support from Disclosure, Skream, Justin Martin, Modeselektor, Tensnake and more, Copy Paste Soul’s rise continues through summer 2015. His pick of emotive, soulful house and techno that never leaves his record box reflects his own production style.

Mix in his love of Detroit techno, drum ‘n’ bass and garage and you’ll get a good idea why he’s secured a residency at Ministry, repeated spins on BBC Radio 1 and regular releases on Shir Khan’s forver-fresh Exploited.

DVS1 ‘Black Russian’ [Klockworks]
“I first heard this on a mix and it totally blew me away. For me it’s the perfect form of techno. Warm, emotive chords, subtle arrangement and brilliant FX on drums. It’s completely bold and brilliant in its simplicity. Without doubt my favourite track of the last couple of years.”

KiNK ‘Pocket Piano’ (Breakbeat Mix) [Running Back]
“For me, this man is at the top of his game. He has everything in his music that I respect. It’s full of soul and it always feels like it means something. It’s both ingenious and original as well as incorporating everything that’s great about the roots of house and techno. In my mind he is a true genius. This record has it all. Immense breaks, emotive chords and a killer arrangement.”

Goldie ‘Timeless’ (LP) [FFRR Records]
“A seminal album. Way ahead of its time. The use of atmosphere alongside the hard drums is so powerful. It has a Detroit techno ethic in that respect. My love of cut-up breaks is heavily inspired by records like this. It’s timeless music.”

Sailor & I ‘Tough Love’ (Pablo Nouvelle Remix) [Black Butter]
“A perfect remix; oozing passion and soul. The vocals are so good and complimented by the organ and bass that Pablo adds. It’s music like this that makes me want to keep creating – it’s music with substance. I really believe in that. The string parts in this add so much.”

Jeff Mills ‘Blue Potential’ [UWE]
“This is a live album that is truly stunning. I love strings and this is a perfect example of Detroit techno and an orchestra [mixed together]. The fusion of mechanical 909s with moving strings is immense, something that I go to when getting ideas for strings. My latest record ‘Home‘ on Exploited has that Detroit feel especially with the simple strings I used in it.”



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