There’s no doubt that German DJ, producer and relative new comer, SIDNEY CHARLES is on a winning streak. Having just dropped a three-tracker on Jaymo and Andy George’s much-lauded MODA BLACK imprint, the “Going Down” EP is but the tip of Sidney’s stellar back catalogue – no mean feat for a producer who released his first single in 2011.

In just three short years, the Hamburg-born twenty something has jumped for local club hero to house music heavy hitter, securing a residence this year at Tribal Sessions Ibiza and working on a project with fellow Sankeys star, Darius Syrossian. We sat down with Sidney for a quick chat last week, to find out his five best bits of dance floor fire. Buckle in folks, this is going to be big!

1. Chris Carrier | Prohbited Area

Just such a nice a raw-groover that gives lot of energy to my sets.

2. Basement Jaxx | Mermaid of Salinas (loco Dice Remix)

The synth horn gives me goosebumps every time I play it!

3. Laura Jones | Bright Lights (Cassy Remix)

Im in love with Cassy’s sound. The stumpy kick and the hypnotic pad & synth play make it to one of my favourite set enhancers.

4. Bicep | Circles

Proper 909-techno – love to play this one in bigger warehouses!

5 Kerri Chandler | Climax 3

Typical Chandler Old School-Style. Perfect to start my set with this one.

CTC. x


It’s no secret that America has a tumultuous relationship with electronica. Despite the plethora of EDM pap the yanks have spat out throughout the naughties, the USA boasts a core group of strong, and mostly heritage, acts, who continue to steamroll a path for quality house and techno. New York (via Miami) music legend, DANNY TENAGLIA is one such heritage talent, who is flying his flag high for the ongoing merit of Stateside techno selectors. His latest release is a 2-disc mix for Australian series “Balance” and is his first compilation in six years.

It’s a weird and wonderful mix of technoid grooves, tribal-tinged rhythms and rumbling bass lines, with a heavy dose of that hard-to-put-your-finger-on magic that can only come from Tenaglia. If you’re a thundering techno-head, old or new, you’ll like this – this is one for the DJ’s DJ.

Balance 25 is out September 25th and available through Amazon.

CTC. x


nice people good techno

We don’t know much about mysterious Hamburg-based house and techno label AUDIOLOVE Recordings, except the fact that they make amazing music. A random Soundcloud discovery late on a Friday night led to CTC’s blossoming obsession with the label, which has released two three-track EP’s produced by “unknown”. Available via mail order from the label’s HQ, the limited vinyl release (300 copies only) of the two EP’s is set to drop on August 25th, to a niche collection of industry insiders.

ALRLV 001 is techno-centric and features three late-night club cuts of pure, padded brilliance. “Feel To Learn” is meditative, as it blissfully sways between softly thumping bass and euphoric synth snippets. Next track “Flora” is a freewheeling delight, latently chugging to an undeniably basic yet mesmerising beat. Finally, “Freshly Ground” starts with a male spoken monologue that, despite being a tad pretentious, actually kind of weirdly works. FIttingly, it’s the most dance floor appropriate of the bunch and would slip nicely into a bleary-eyed, 6am sunrise set.

Audiolove’s second effort is aimed squarely at house-heads and features the same frustrating format – three titled EP’s with no production credit attached. “Sunrise”, “13th October” and “Monkey Troopers” all do a great job of banging without “banging” and offer up a master class on how to sample soulful female vocals without sounding like the soundtrack to Thursday night at G.A.Y.*

Whoever “Unknown” is, we’re a fan – Audiolove Recordings reveal your maker!

CTC. x

*G.A.Y we love you x

digitaria c- pic by daniel bianchini

The darlings of Jamie Jones’s famed house imprint, Hot Creations, the music of Brazilian duo DIGITARIA is inescapable. Anyone who has stepped foot in a club within the last two years has probably inadvertently bopped along to one of their hits, that include REACTION, YOU BRING ME DOWN, and CRAZY LIFE, and now the pair are back with a new single from their forthcoming album, “Night Falls Again”.

The first cut to be released from the long awaited LP is “Favourite Addiction” and features up-and-coming Canadian vocalist, Clarian North. Clarian’s silken vocal melody is given a heavy smatter of double-tracked harmonies and sensual echo effects, whilst the track’s deeply resonating bass beat plods along in a pleasing, albeit slightly monotonous, fashion.

Hot Creations newcomer Jey Kurmis and industry stalwarts Groove Armada both deliver slick reworks of “Favourite Addiction”, with the latter trading in their standard remix format for a thumping, dub edit. Groove Armada’s version is the stand out, pushing “Favourite Addiction” from a palatable club track to a techy, reach-for-the-lasers anthem, a testament to their on-going relevance and impeccable taste.

If “Favourite Addiction” is an indicator of Digitaria’s direction for their new album as a whole, it seems we can expect essentially more of the same – deep and pumping club cuts with just enough melody to enable a sing-along. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

The EP is out Monday, July 28th on Hot Creations.

CTC. x


German production wizard, TENSNAKE has teamed up with French house music visionary, JACQUES LU CONT to create a weirdly awesome film clip for their new single, “Feel The Love”. Featuring the unmistakable vocals of modern soul daddy, JAMIE LIDELL, it’s the perfect distraction to get you through Friday afternoon. Enjoy!

CTC. x


When we last checked in with Copy Paste Soul, he’d just relaunched his record label, 2Swords. Now the producer come label boss is back with a new single for his fledging imprint, following the success of his “Like This” EP which dropped in June. His new 3 tracker contains two original cuts, “The Fall” and “The Reverend” as well as a remix from none other than French house legend, LAURENT GARNIER.

Garnier’s remix is, of course, excellent and with his typical elongated flair the Frenchman manages to stretch his warm grooving rework of “The Fall” just over the 9 minute mark.

COPY PASTE SOUL‘s two original tracks both smack of club ready rawness; a clattering muddle of loose, bumpy rhythms and pitched vocal licks which have already been picked up by some pretty serious selectors. With fans including Art Department, Huxley and Ewan Pearson, Copy Paste Soul is quietly building an impressive empire, with the best no doubt set to come!


CTC. x



French/American duo BENOIT & SERGIO have dropped their hotly anticipated new EP “Your Darkness” on Detroit-based record label, VISIONQUEST RECORDS. Since forming in 2009, Benoit & Sergio have curated a strong collection of EP releases – most notably their stripped-down house anthem “$100 Bill” for much-loved UK imprint, Hot Creations.

“Your Darkness” starts off with a heavy and decidedly gloomy kick. The EP’s opener, “Splash“ is a multilayer thumper with a basic repeating melody and “sexy” house vocal, that serves to get the listener’s blood pumping. It’s a fun bit of bass-heavy bop but a track you’re unlikely to recall by the end of the night.

Luckily, the EP convinces with it’s title track “Your Darkness“ which is the heart of the international duo’s new release. Despite being the slowest track of the set, distorted vocals, buzzing chords and a Daft Punk-eque bass riff serve to add some much-needed spice, to what could have otherwise been another non-distinct club cut. Thankfully, “Your Darkness” is quite the opposite and will no doubt take a beating on the Sankeys dance floor all the way through summer.

The EP closes with “Beat Macho“, which moves repetitively in the same vein as the EP’s first track, “Splash”. It may be good enough to get your feet tapping, but it’s just too simple and monotonous to be something truly special.

In short, Benoit & Sergio’s new EP is a pleasing mix of sharp-edged minimal and grooving house. Each of the tracks function as perfectly acceptable club cuts, with the EP’s title track the undeniable standout. “Your Darkness” is on full digital release on July 28th.

CTC. x


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