A world-famous Irish stout – that won’t be named because we’re professional like that – once coined the term, “Good things come to those who wait”. It’s a phrase that sums up Talamanca System, the creative collaboration between good friends –Mr INTERNATIONAL FEEL himself, Mark Barrott and RUNNING BACK boss Gerd Janson (together with Philip Lauer aka Tuff CityKids) – and a year long musical love affair that culminated in the crisp, mood lifting Balanzat EP.

Story has it that during a late dinner party at Barrott’s Ibiza hideaway in the Summer of 2013, Mark gave Gerd his Studio Electronics ‘Boomstar 303′ synth. Gerd was so determined to repay this lavish gesture that he offered to do a remix of a track Barrott was working on. After plenty of back and forth, one remix became a full collaboration and the ‘Balanzat EP’ was born.

The original is a raw, heady and grooving blend of Balearic mathematics (= sunsets, beaches and that dusk-time buzz you get before going out), set alongside an appreciative crowd of pacific state nodding jungle fauna. The dreamy synth pads hold you aloft for the full 6 and a half, whilst loose hat-work casually keeps the pace with a soft-edged bass and thumping kick drum. It’s a proper summer blues soother.

The ‘Acid Reflux’ rework is a stripped-back affair, at times relying upon little more than kick, bass, and percussion, albeit with perfect execution. TUFF CITY KIDS don’t mess about either,utilizing a thick-fingered piano line and some minor percussive and arrangement alterations to great effect. ‘Beat Box’ could otherwise be titled ‘End Credits’ as it’s the perfect aural summary, closing this soul-warming EP off nicely.

We can’t leave this without a special mention for INTERNATIONAL FEEL. Their approach to releasing music is honest, interesting and above all, top quality (no, really!) something that is fast becoming a rarity for record labels these days.

Based out of Uruguay via Ibiza, the label embodies what it is to be ‘all about the music’, and in their own words, “Whether it be the music itself or the vinyl cut, the artwork or the remixes, we strive to create pieces of music and artwork that play with expectations, NEVER drop the quality and become desirable and collectable items of timeless beauty.”

Now, go have yourself a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, whilst you bask in International Feel’s superb back catalogue, you beautiful thing, you.

CTC. x

Desperados know how to throw an epic party. Chase The Compass got the chance to attend their Next Level event at Peckham’s Bussey Building last week – lured by the call of an unforgettable new party experience – and thankfully, we weren’t disappointed.

As CTC rolls up to the Bussey building on a chilly Friday night, it looks just like a regular club night in Peckham, as cues of trendy young things wait patiently out front. Once through the doors though,mayhem quickly ensues as we’re instructed to put on accessories – including horse heads, feather bowers and glitter galore – from a giant dress up box. Level one done and dressed to the nines it’s time to hit level two, aptly titled ‘breakthrough’.

Breakthrough is, well, just that, as we smash our way through an enormous white wall of foam and on to a swelling dance floor. Ex-The Streets frontman, Mike Skinner is on the decks for level three, smashing out the hip-hop come UK garage that has become his signature DJ aesthetic. As we thrash about to Skinner we assume the treasure hunt is done but, as it turns out, Desperados are only just getting started!

After working up a sweat we’re usher to the final level for the night – another dance floor cryptically titled ‘Party With The Bots’. Dancers dressed in light up suits dominate the floor, as we twirl about to the sounds of UK house legends, Stanton Warriors. We while the night away to a soundtrack of UK bass and hands-in-the-air house, taking time to cool off every so often with a nicely chilled beer – Desperados, naturally!

Pulling off the Next Level party would have been no easy feat, with Desperados promising punters an ‘unforgettable’ party experience. Even more impressive then, that the beer brand have actually managed to succeed in creating something truely different and memorable. Bring on the next one, CTC can’t wait!!

Make sure you don’t miss out on any other Desperados parties by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

CTC. x



Sam Smith –no, not that one – is the brains behind the Nothing Odd label, an imprint that started out recently with a delicious offering from the man himself, that came complete with a remix from none other than Baby Ford. With credentials like that, you’d expect his music to be of a certain standard, and if this is the first time that you’ve checked in with him, then you’re sure to be left satisfied. The EP in question comes at us under Smith’s Monty The Fly alias, and it’s a fitting tale of just how to exercise restraint in electronic music.

The jam-packed three-tracker gets underway thanks to the sultry, deep and dexterous sounds of ‘Cocopox’. A tidy but nimble number, it never properly explodes, although it impresses mostly thanks to it’s atmospheric arrangement. Sure to be a hit with the likes of Fred P and co, it’s an airy, almost mystical jam that stays lodged in your brain. The final track is the pick of the litter. Entitled ‘Ahradic’, it’s the sort of washy and dense track that’d leave the likes of Ricardo Villalobos in a right flutter.

CTC. x

When you’ve just come home from a big night out, there’s nothing better than a comfy sofa, a big bottle of lucozade and some beautiful and super soothing visuals. Well, forget your itunes visualiser, the brains behind Lexus have come up with something even better.

Constructed from the sharp-edged silhouette and angular lines of the Lexus NX (yes, a car) acclaimed visual artists Hellicar & Lewis have created a digital kaleidoscope for an online art exhibit called NX-Perspectives which is, put simply, bloody beautiful. Best bit of all is that the kaleidoscope is fully interactive and allows the user to create trippy visuals and audio landscapes completely unique to them!

Intrigued? We were too. Watch the video below to find out how you can create your own personalised Kaleidoscope party! Or visit the NX-Perspectives website for all the details.

CTC. x


Audiojack are experts in making anthems. Not the kind that might garner mass recognition on first play, but the kind of well produced club weapons that instantly secure a place in the best DJ’s bags – and stay there.

This year, the boys have been in demand more than ever before, splitting up to cover more gigs around the globe. As well as touring, they’ve just dropped a new EP on Defected’s offshoot DFTD called ‘Stay Glued’ that features vocals from Kevin Knapp.

We sat down with Rich from Audiojack, for part one of our special two part feature on the duo, to find out his favourite tracks he’s been playing around the globe. This is A Week With AUDIOJACK.

Monday morning sounds like | Detlef – Road to Nowhere [VIVa]

It’s Monday and I’m in Florianopolis after playing in Chapeco on Saturday night. Four flights, 24 hours travelling then a 3 hour gig. As I’m in a hotel alone for the next couple of days’ music is my best companion, and this morning I’ve gone through a few hundred of the promos we’re sent each week, this new one from Detlef on VIVa stood out to me.

Wednesday midday sounds like | Seb Zito – Never (Enzo Siragusa & Rich Nxt’s ‘EnRichment’) [Fuse]

Wednesday and I’ve arrived in Sao Paulo. Feeling a bit stiff so decided to go for a jog, but as I leave the hotel the heavens opened up, torrential rain from all angles, so I went back inside to check out the hotel gym. Very uninspired by a treadmill facing a wall so fuck it, a 10k jog through Ibirapuera Park in this weather might actually be fun! As the rain beats down on my face and I dodge in and out of heavy traffic to reach the park this remix from Enzo Siragusa & Rich NxT perfectly matched my mood and feeling >>>

Friday night sounds like | Larry Cadge – The African Awakening (Dub) [Kling Klong]

Friday now and I’m playing at Club 88 in Campinas. Our Brazilian tour manager Paulo is with me, and he came running over when I played this track, to ask for the title. Larry Cadge – The African Awakening (dub mix) I said. An hour later he asked if I could tell him again, and an hour later once more, and again, until eventually I just wrote it in his phone for him. But in case you’ve lost your phone Paulo here it is again ;-) >>>

Sunday afternoon sounds like | Mark Henning – You’re Digging Into Me [Soma]

Sunday and I’m playing at Playground festival near Sao Paulo this morning from 8.30 – 10am, sandwiched between two guys who play really big electro / techno records, so I’m a little unsure of what to play as I don’t have any music like that. Every DJ needs records they can rely on for these occasions though… those timeless genre-less diamonds you can play anywhere to any crowd, and this recent underground classic from Mark Henning is right up there. Worked great. Quick chat with a shaman on the tour bus home (as you do), shower and it’s time to start the 24 hour trip home to Ibiza.

A week with Audiojack (Part Two) coming soon!

CTC. x


Alex Ryuk is a master of all things deep, dark and deliciously funky. The German DJ and producer joins us on the CTC guest mix this week, for a thick and creamy slice of deep dulcet house, featuring cuts from Huxley, Jonas Rathsman, Stimming and more. After winning the Carl Cox fronted ‘The Revolution Recruits’ in 2012, Alex has been steadily on the up, playing in Ibiza as well as an ongoing residency in his hometown.

Inspired by artists like Daft Punk and Arman van Helden, we know you’re going to love ALEX RYUK‘s unique blend of warm and groovy beats – bring on the weekend!

You know the drill, stream it below from Soundcloud or LIKE the CHASE THE COMPASS FACEBOOK page to get the mix for free.


1. Audio Units – Chicago Shuffle
2. Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
3. Alex Ryuk – Open
4. Huxley ft. S-Man – Callin
5. Emanuel Satie – All The Lights
6. Sabb, S-Man – Hot
7. Christoph – On The Inside
8. Kevin Knapp – Bob Dewitt
9. Stimming – Melodica

CTC. x


October 22, 2014


The CTC family have put their heads together to bring you their top tunes of the week.

*Image not representative of actual staff.


Nora En Pure – True

I am going for NORA EN PURE‘s track ‘True’. This just screams funk and groove and has all of the elements to become a mainstay in mix tapes around the world. Check out the Chase The Compass ADE special mix by Amsterdam’s THE HIM to hear it more!

CHRIS SALTER – @Chris_Salter

Wayward – Baile

London boys WAYWARD are having an amazing year. Their piano driven house number ‘Belize’ may have caught people’s attention, but its the first track from their beautiful ‘Ugestu’ EP that gets my nod . ‘Baile’ showcases the duo’s Balearic and soulful side and really sets them apart. Bonobo would be proud of this one.


Weiss – I Believe

You’ll be hearing a lot more from this bearded wonder in the coming months. One of the faces of Toolroom’s #reset relaunch, ‘I Believe’ bulges with bass, balls and a unique sound that is becoming a signature of WEISS‘s take-no-prisoners production style. Catch him at Fire in London for the Toolroom Live 01 launch next month!


Hobo – Incise

When I find a track that I really, really like, I have a habit of becoming completely obsessed with it. I’ll listen to it on repeat pretty much everywhere I go, over and over again, ad nauseam. This is one of those. A favourite of MACEO PLEX and Richie Hawtin, the pitch bend at the 2:47 mark makes me melt. A tech house triumph.


I’lls – Fifty Phipht

If you’re in the mood for something slightly more chilled, there’s truly nothing better than this mind-blowing new track from Melbourne future stars, I’LLS. You heard them here first.

More from the CTC staff room coming soon!

CTC. x


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