Matt Fear and Kreature are like two peas in a pod. With a distinctive production style that’s perfectly in sync, the DJs have found measurable success both as solo artists and as a duo, touring the globe and playing B2B everywhere from London to Croatia plus the party capital of Ibiza.

The pair are now set to drop a new collaborative EP, ‘The Ride’ on London-based deep and nu-disco imprint, KUMASI MUSICfollowing a launch party last week at Shoreditch rave cave, Basing House. On the verge of what’s set to be their biggest underground hit to date, CTC thought it no better time to sit down with MATT and KREATURE, to discuss production techniques, party tunes and their future prospects for the second in our new interview series, CTC B2B. 

W: Hi Matt and Ash! As two residents of Leeds that have collaborated together multiple times, can you start by telling us how you two know each other?

M: We met at a mental party in Leeds about 5 years ago, this was when I had just started to play around with making music and was already familiar with Ash’s productions at that time so we had a good chat about that and got off our nuts and have been closest friends ever since.

A: Yeah Matt was my biggest fan so I thought that I would give him the opportunity to be my friend and now he’s stuck with me, no but seriously we clicked straight away!

“(Music is) the only thing I have ever truly put my mind to, from playing steel pans, the trumpet and drums in school, to DJing jungle and garage records on my bedroom floor at 15. Its all I have ever known.” – Kreature

Matt, what are your earliest memories of discovering electronic music? Who or what was influencing you as you were growing up?

M: My memory is a shocker to be perfectly honest, I remember growing up to all sorts of music in the house though, however most of my youth was spent getting doors slammed in my face as my family are Jehovahs Witnesses (don’t hate). When I first started going out in Leeds properly that’s when I really started to follow house music properly. I had in mind that I wanted to make music, then play that music to a crowd and be appreciated for it. It’s one of the best feelings.

How about you Ash? Seeing as there is an age gap between you would you say your musical development was somewhat different in comparison?

A: I think our musical development was very different and I also think it’s great that we are now taking the same path coming from totally different backgrounds. I know its quite cliche but all I can ever remember is being totally consumed by music. It’s the only thing i have ever truly put my mind to, from playing steel pans ,the trumpet and drums in school to DJing jungle and garage records on my bedroom floor at 15, its all I have ever known.

And how did your passion for listening to music progress into learning to produce? When did it get serious for each of you individually?

A:I think it was the logical step for me to learn to create my own music. I started to dabble with production in 2006/2007 and released my first track in 2008, after that the requests for gig’s, remixes and releases started to flow in. i was lucky enough to be touring globally at 20. Kreature is my third Alias to date and I am loving where things are going with it at the minute! exciting times!

M: Well for me personally I was just learning the very basics of production, watching my friends making stuff and picking up bits whilst dj-ing at Glasshouse at that time, so at this point it was a slow progression towards actually doing this full time. A fractured skull was actually what made me realise how quickly things can be snatched away from you so while I was in recovery I didn’t mess about, I learnt the majority of what I know on youtube whilst smashed on strong painkillers. Good times.


Pictured Above: Kreature

You two often work together in the studio, whether collaborating or remixing each other’s tracks. What makes you continue working together? Would you say your skills complement each other?

A: I think the main reason why we carry on working together aside from the music is that we get on so well, we are more like family now rather than production partners. This always helps when you’re sat in a dingy studio for 24 hours together.

M: Ash is definitely easy to work with. In terms of strengths we both have areas that we excel in, and when we’re making something together we cover each others weaknesses. The great thing is that the effort is shared equally. We’ll take turns in the driving seat or stick an extra mouse in. We don’t commit to something if we don’t fully agree. This is why it works.

Matt, besides Ash, have there been any other artists that you particularly enjoy working with? If so, what is it about them that you like?

M: I’ve not worked with many people, a few of the Leeds Beatstreet boys Will crawshaw, Will Matiu, Alcatraz Harry and currently working with Filthy Rich and have done something with Rob Tissera. I’ll generally get along with anyone and if there’s a disagreement in the studio it’s trivial and overcome quickly. It’s just about adapting to the other person’s techniques I suppose and not being scared to try ideas out. Originals are important to me right now but there are plenty I’d love to work with. Interesting, when two different heads come together.

“We carry on working together (because)… we get on so well, we are more like family now rather than production partners.” – Matt Fear 

Even though you both live in the same city Ash, originally grew up in Manchester. Being an incredibly musically rich city in its own right, what made you choose to relocate to Leeds? And how has the experience been since moving there?

A: I moved to Yorkshire when I was 16 to go to uni which didn’t work out because I wanted to do was music. I never really got fully involved in the Manchester music scene. Whilst i was there i was into alot of underground Jungle, drum n bass and garage which I mostly listened to and DJ’d to friends. It was only when I made the move to Leeds that I got fully involved and inspired by the house music scene here. I believe Leeds is a much richer city for music these days, I wouldn’t be the producer or person I am if it wasn’t for Leeds and the people who live here.

The two of you are also part of the Kumasi roster, with Ash responsible for its label’s debut release. Can you tell us more about your individual histories with Kumasi?

M: Danny approached us both around the same time after finding us on Soundcloud. We’ve all become good mates and love to be involved with stuff that he’s doing as he’s so committed to his parties and label etc. The Kumasi parties in London have been some of the best parties we have played at to date.

This month saw you both release an interesting collaboration on Kumasi Music titled ‘The Ride’. The press release describes it as an ‘atmospheric cruise through Ocean Drive, down-town 80’s Miami via the Los Angeles underworld’, and the artwork portrays that fantastically. In fact the track possesses a noticeable stateside feel to it. Can you tell us more about the thoughts and production behind it?

A: We wanted the track to take the listener to a specific type of place, wherever it is there’s definitely sunshine and your mates involved, and surely everyone loves that.


Pictured Above: Matt Fear

You recently celebrated the release by playing an entire evening back to back at Basing House in London, and have done numerous back to back sets to date. Seeing as how your partnership undeniably extends further than the studio, what are the chances of you two forming a duo under a new name?

M: We have pondered the idea in the past but for the time being we still need push ourselves as individual artists, saying that, we will be starting our own label soon and we will be releasing some collabs on there under the label name “esoteric”.

Finally, do either of you have any forthcoming events or productions lined up that you would like to mention?

A: In the next few months I have an EP coming on Resonance Rec then a single followed by an EP on the new label from Wildkats & Ashley wild “You Are We”. I have recently been asked by Groove Armada to remix on their album on Moda Black which is a huge honour! Other than that i have remixes on Simma Black, Colour In Music and Love Not Money and ALOT of original material that i have been working on this year that I am currently sending out to labels.

M: Release wise, I’ve got stuff coming in the next couple of months on Resonance, Simma Black, Dialtone, Kumasi, Audiowhore, King Street Sounds and Lee Websters’ I Used To Sleep At Night off the top of my head and I’m piecing an album together slowly but I’m getting there!

W: Thanks boys!

Stream ‘The Ride’ below.

CTC. x



Never have we seen a remix packet for one track quite as vast as SOULCLAP‘s ‘Misty’.

The original cut, which features the instantly recognisable tones of famed house music vocalist Robert Owens, was born over four years ago, out of Soul Clap’s home studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Since ‘Misty’ was first written, the track has received not one, but a whopping seven reworks including four from another legend of electronica, Louie Vega. Despite the plethora of re-edits on the EP, the original cut remains the star, although the rough and tough aesthetic of the ‘Vega Roots Edit’ is also excellent.

Eli and Charles continue to do what they do best with this release; beautifully produced house music with a whole lotta’ soul. A surefire classic.

‘Misty’ is out on Monday October 6 on Soul Clap Records.

CTC. x


Melancholic house music isn’t something we post a lot of. London-based producer RUCKS specialised in just that however; a master of haunting, escapist house that can leave a listener blissfully engrossed from start to finish.

The producer’s latest track ‘Hard 2 Find’ has dropped as part of a free download series from newly-established underground imprint, SOSURE MUSIC and follows in the deeply grooving footsteps of the label’s debut EP ‘The Tunnel’ by Hollis Parker.

Tipped to release his sophomore LP later this year, Rucks has made a video bio (watch it here) about his production journey thus far, that features his forthcoming single ‘Find Somebody’. It’s melodic, intriguing and all sorts of wonderful, and a quick, welcome departure from the party-starting fist pumpers we usually post!

‘Find Someone’ is out on SoSure Music on November 10 with remixes from City Soul Project and Eric Kupper.

CTC. x


Oh yes, A Week With is back! After taking a break from our popular interview format for a few months, CTC has relaunched our “DJ’s in their downtime” themed series for the month of September. If you’re new, A Week With explores what CTC”s favourite artists listen to during the week; a window in to what they play when they’re away from the decks!

We knew we’d need someone extra special to kick things off and we just couldn’t go past Berlin-based musicians and DJs, KRUSE & NUERNBERGKruse & Nuernberg first caught our attention back in 2012 with their stellar sophomore LP, ‘Let’s Call It A Day’ which is still on heavy rotation amongst the CTC family. After a slew of successful EP’s over the last 18 months, the duo have now dropped a new collaborative 2 tracker with fellow German beat maker, Teenage Mutants which is set for release on Oliver Koletzki’s new imprint, LIGHT MY FIRE.

We sat down with the boys to find out what makes them tick, all the way from Monday to Sunday, as we invite you to spend a week with Kruse & Nuernberg.

Monday Morning sounds like: Kruse & Nuernberg – Let’s Call It A Day

Our first (and only) album from 2012 has a musical concept, it describes the cycle of a day – That was actually the idea. ‘Let’s Call It A Day’ is the first tune on it and the right track to start the day with. It’s easy listening, smooth and not getting on your nerves. The track doesn’t want too much and nobody wants to be stressed by music on a Monday morning so let’s start gentle.

Wednesday Midday sounds like: Mount Kimbie – Break Well

It’s Wednesday and the week is halfway through. Not long and it’s time again to say ‘Thank god it’s Friday’! The song ‘Break Well’ is for 2 minutes and 36 seconds about silent pad sounds, nice synths and beautiful atmospheres which build up constantly. At 2 minutes and 36 seconds it breaks and the track is party. To build a bridge from the music to the week we’d describe it like this: The first half of the song is just like the first half of the week, time to recover, time to relax and the second part is to get ready for the weekend.

Friday Night sounds like: Solee – Ditzingen (Einmusik Remix)

This song doesn’t necessarily have Friday night written all over it but it could be the soundtrack for a weekend full of great weather, your best friends, a big festival, sleeping under the stars, drinking schnapps, bbq, smoking, etc… the good things in life! Check the drop at 4:15… it just works!

Sunday Afternoon sounds like: Nils Frahm – Tristana

The story continues… meanwhile the heat of the weekend turned into thunder storms but you are at home already with a beautiful person right next to you, the windows are open while you hang out on your couch watching the rain, listening to this…

Stream Kruse & Nuernberg’s new track below.

You can next catch the duo play at the last Audiwhore party of the summer at Suffolk Street Warehouse alongside Infinity Ink and Max Chapman, tickets here. 

CTC. x


September 15, 2014


‘Flux’ is the new track from up and coming deep house producer, KOKIRI.

Previously producing as Kev Williams, the talented youngster has remixed for the likes of Benga and Chase & Status, and is now creating boppy, bass-injected productions under his new Zelda-inspired (no, really) pseudonym, Kokiri. A fan of classic piano jams and 90’s nostalgia, ‘Flux’ sees the entirely self-taught producer, play with pitch-bent vocals and intermittent drum patterns to create an irresistibly catchy cut of 4/4 fire.

The best bit of all is that it’s on free download through the DEEP SOUNDS soundcloud, so be sure to snap it up! Look out for Kokiri’s brand new EP, dropping shortly on UK-based house imprint, LOVE & OTHER.

CTC. x

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

WALKER & ROYCE know what they’re doing. The Brooklyn duo – consisting of Sam Walker & Gavin Royce – have been banging out quality techno and deep house for just on two years, attracting discerning fans as well as industry heavy weights including Sasha, Maceo Plex and Radio 1’s, Pete Tong.

The American double act have just dropped a new EP on Jaymo and Andy George’s imprint, Moda Black, called ‘Sister’ which is set to cement their bubbling future star status. It’s a slamming techno cut of epic proportions, spliced with shrill vocal clips and techy stabs; a certified set weapon for the very darkest depths of the dance floor!

We sat down with the boys for a quick chat this week, to find out some of their all time favourite tracks, for another instalment of our popular series, FIVE FOR THE FLOOR.

Dungeon Meat – The Fuck Off Track

Look the soundcloud clip says it all- “if you can’t take the Meat …. stay out of the Dungeon”

DJ Ali feat. Tim Fuller – You Don’t Know (Ruff Cut)

This is a track we’ve had on vinyl for years and the recent remixes that came out this year reminded us how good the original was, its resurged in our sets!

Doctor Dru – Proper Lane

We just love this track. It’s dark and groovy but it’s got a really good melody and just the right amount of emo!

Aaron Snapes – Panther

60% of the time… this track works every time

Mascara – Baja

We always try to work classics like this into our sets, especially late nite/early morning to lighten the mood



Ten Walls 'Walking With Elephants' by Nez

Following the success of our Whiskey Pickle exclusive from Brothers In Arms, CTC is set to host another exclusive track this month, courtesy of rising 22 year old South African star, D.KNOW. The young producer has come up with his “Re.Know” concept, which takes house and techno hits and re-imagines them – rebuilding the tracks from scratch without the use of any additional samples.

Instead of the usual bio blerb, we grabbed the production young gun for a quick chat, to talk DJ names, influences and his African homeland.

Stream D.Know’s Re.Know of “Walking With Elephants” below and head to soundcloud for the download.

Charlotte: Hey, let’s start with the obvious! Why D.Know? D.Know: My first name is Dean – most of my friends call me Deano. So, phonetically ‘D.Know’ sounds the same. Not much more to it really.

How has electronic music culture influenced you up to this point? What other genres are you interested in? Electronic culture in general is something that I have been interested in for many years. My interest in Techno specifically is quite recent as a result of refining my tastes over the years.  As such, the music I play and make is informed by a whole history of music all the way from heavy metal, rock to trance and of course Techno and House. DJing and producing naturally became a means for me to express my current interests in the world of audio!

With such a range of influences, why did you eventually settle on techno? As mentioned, my musical history is vast. However, my interest in ‘electronic’ music specifically was spurred on by a need to find something similar to the bands I was listening to in my teens but with a ‘dance’ edge to it. So for example, as a youngster I became interested in IDM (guys like Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus etc.) for its complexities and technical similarities to the bands I was listening to at the time. From there I found myself in the Psytrance scene which then, to jump a few years ahead, led to an interest in House and Techno (as pivotal musical, cultural and creative movements).

Any pet hates about the music scene in SA? And beyond? I generally don’t like to rant too much about these things! But to answer the question, the main thing that I feel needs a change in the SA music scene is its culture of the ‘clique’. All too often guys are being booked (often underpaid) for their relationships to the organisers rather than for their talents or innovativeness.

In my opinion, this only leads to the development of trends and fads that will stifle the progression on SA’s music scene and culture. I certainly think things are changing for the better though, so it’s definitely not all doom-and-gloom! Unfortunately, I can’t comment too much on the situation abroad because I haven’t experienced it first-hand (yet!).

Where are you releasing next? So far, I’ve had a free release premiered on Waxhole (of which more is to come!). Once the rest of the free releases from the Re.Know rpoject have hit the web, there will be some original mixes coming out on Do Work Records which I’m very excited about!

Thanks D.Know!


Watch the original Ten Walls version here. 

CTC. x



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